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UK lifts all remaining restrictions on international travel

UK lifts all remaining restrictions on international travel
UK lifts all remaining restrictions on international travel
Written by Harry Johnson

The UK government officials announced that starting from 4am local time of March 18, all the remaining COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted.

The canceled curbs include the passenger locator form for foreign arrivals into Britain, as well as all COVID-19 tests for international passengers who do not qualify as vaccinated.

The announcement comes before the expected spike in foreign arrivals ahead of the Easter holiday.

With all the remaining curbs removed, foreign holidaymakers are now able to enter the United Kingdom without any restrictions for the first time since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The UK divides destinations into “red” and “green” destinations during the pandemic. There are no longer any countries on the “red” list.

Previously, certain arrivals from “red” list countries were required to quarantine in designated hotels, but the UK government has announced that the infrastructure for hotel quarantine will “be fully stood down” by the end of March 2022.

British officials have said the government will “maintain a range of contingency measures in reserve” which could be activated if concerning COVID-19 variants emerge.

The government of the United Kingdom had previously said if “red” list restrictions needed to be reintroduced, home isolation would likely be the “preferred option.”

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