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UK Airports: Massive Disturbance Today, Normal Tomorrow

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A “technical issue” in the UK air traffic control systems caused extended delays and cancellations for thousands of airline passengers today.

A fault prevented the system from automatically processing flight plans.

After the National Air Traffic Services banned airline landings, people were delayed in the UK and abroad. Airlines and airports warned of “significant delays,” despite the issue being resolved within hours.

Nats acknowledged the malfunction around midday on Monday and declared at 15:15 BST that it had fixed the UK airspace issue.

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and TUI warned travelers of delays and cancellations.

Before leaving for the airport, short-haul clients should check their flight status.

Ryanair delayed or canceled several flights, and Jet2 predicted major delays on all UK flights.

Passengers planning to travel from the UK on Tuesday should proceed to the airport as usual, unless otherwise informed.

As air traffic control halted, passengers described massive disturbances, with thousands of flights impacted.

Cirium, an aviation statistics business, predicted 3,049 UK airport departures and 3,054 arrivals on Monday.

This type of technological failure was “extremely rare”, last occurring in 2014.

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