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U.S. Sexual Wellness to Top $9 Billion With New Features

, U.S. Sexual Wellness to Top $9 Billion With New Features, eTurboNews | eTN

The US sexual wellness market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.27% during the period 2020−2026. In-depth analysis and data-driven insights on the impact of COVID-19 are included in a U.S. sexual wellness market report.

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Key Highlights Offered in the Report:  

•             The demand for sexual wellness products from online channels is highly prevalent in the US.

•             Ease of access to the internet and the convenience and comfort of shopping for these products through online channels has enabled the growth of a wide consumer base in the country.

•             The sexual wellness products offered online are cost-effective as they are often provided at discounted prices, which attracts price-sensitive end-users. Social media is an effective way of promoting and driving the use of female condoms among women.

•             Vendors and retailers are capitalizing on such growing interest among the target audience. There have been constant efforts by vendors to leverage this to disassociate the stigma, taboo, and the label of pornography attached to the market and shift sexual wellness products to mainstream shelves.

•             There is a rise in demand for flavored condoms from women and couples. Many small private-label vendors are entering the market with a specialized range of products for end-users.

•             The rising demand for B2B female condoms will lead to a drop in their per-unit cost. However, as vendors expand their presence in the retail market, the ASP per piece will increase during the forecast period.

•             Southern US dominated the sexual wellness market with a share of around 35.28% in 2020. The country is expected to witness a significant CAGR of 8.53% during forecast period.

•             Southern US will continue to be the largest market for condoms during the forecast period.

•             The demand for female condoms will witness strong traction in the country after the arrival of low-cost female condoms and expand the retail presence of major players.

•             The demand for condoms is expected to increase from institutional buyers such as USAID, UNFPA, WHO, and other NGOs and foundations.

•             Constant product development and bringing in new features are keys to achieving high sales growth.

•             Companies with better technical and financial resources can develop innovative products that render competitors’ product non-effective even before their launch in the market or before their R&D costs are recovered. Therefore, vendors must develop new technologies. International players are currently dominating the market. However, several regional and foreign players with small market shares also have a presence in the market.

•             The most important and immediate need for condoms exists among women and girls. Vendors who can increase their ability to cater to this customer base are expected to enjoy a competitive advantage in the market.

•             The sales of condoms were drastically affected in 2020, especially in H1 of 2020. The first half of 2020 saw a massive fall in the sales of condoms with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, the impact of COVID-19 on the condom market was the hardest in Q1 and Q2 when the lockdown was strict. With reducing restrictions and restarting production, the condom market started recovering.

Key Offerings: 

•             Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2020−2026

•             Market Dynamics – Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and investment opportunities

•             Market Segmentation – A detailed analysis by product, gender, distribution channel, and geography

•             Competitive Landscape – 7 key vendors and 26 other vendors are profiled in the report

U.S. Sexual Wellness Market – Segmentation

•             In 2020, the sex toys segment dominated the market with a share of 52.01%. Sex toy manufacturers and retailers are capitalizing on this growing interest by offering bundled products and “starter kits” for inquisitive customers. This is expected to drive the growth of the segment in the market.

•             The need for appropriate marketing of a range of sexual wellness products catering to such gender requirements is of high priority in the current sexual wellness industry. Male customers tend to offer better opportunities for vendors to develop products for the sexual wellness market. More than 30.1 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the US alone, thereby, creating immense opportunities for sexual lubricant manufacturers owing to the need for lubricants by men.

•             The entry of condom manufacturers such as Reckitt Benckiser and Church & Dwight into the market has increased the sale of sex toys and sexual lubricants through retail stores such as sex specialty stores and supermarkets. In addition, over 95% of the online retailers offer sexual wellness products at discounted prices rather than list prices that may be applicable in sex specialty stores and other brick-and-mortar distribution channels.

US Sexual Wellness Market by Product

•             Sex Toys

–              Vibrators

–              Rubber Pennies

–              Cock Rings

–              Rubber Vaginas

–              Anal Beads

–              Blindfolds/Feathers

–              Harness & Strap-on-Penises

–              Bondage Gear

•             Condoms

–              Latex & Non-latex

–              Branded & Institutional

–              Male & Female

•             Exotic Lingerie

•             Sexual Lubricants

–              Water-based

–              Silicon-based

–              Oil-based

–              Hybrid

•             Others

US Sexual Wellness Market by Gender

•             Male

•             Female

US Sexual Wellness Market by Distribution Channels

•             Offline Retail

•             Specialty Stores

•             Mass Market Players

•             Drug Store/Pharmacies

•             Grocery Stores

•             Online Retail

U.S. Sexual Wellness Market – Dynamics

Players are increasingly focusing on launching products that are aesthetically appealing, affordable, and pleasurable to witness the launch of some innovative products in the market. For instance, Companies such as Veru (The Female Health Company), Cupid Limited, HLL, Silk Parasol, and Tianjin Condombao Medical Polyurethane Tech. Co. are some of the opinion-makers in the female condoms market, and their products include Origami Female Condom, Female Panty Condom, Natura Sensation Condoms, and dumbbell-shaped condoms. Luxury condom offerings command a premium price and thus turn out to be a huge revenue generator for many companies. The market competition is expected to intensify further with an increase in product/service extensions, technological innovations, and M&A activities.

Key Drivers and Trends fueling Market Growth:

•             Growing Penetration of Digital Marketplaces

•             Innovation in Condom Designs

•             Sex Education Programs Driving Awareness

•             Increasing Acceptance of Sexual Wellness Products Among Women

U.S. Sexual Wellness Market – Geography

The US has one of the most sexually active populations in terms of the usage of condoms and sexual lubricants. Institutional buyers such as USAID, UNFPA, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and PSI are the major growth boosters for the sexual wellness market in the US. Texas, Florida, and North Carolina reported the highest market contribution among the Southern states. The Government is strongly focusing on preventing and fighting HIV in the Southern US, which in turn, is boosting the growth of the US sexual wellness market. The total population of Texas in 2019 was estimated at around 29 million, with around 11 million household units. Such a huge population and the sheer number of households will support the demand for sexual wellness products. One of the major factors driving the market in the US is the robust institutional sales by government and federal agencies, NGOs, and charitable organizations. Players are expected to establish more enhanced facilities in this region and maintain offshore facilities for profit enhancement and customer base expansion, which will drive the demand for the US sexual wellness market.

U.S. Sexual Wellness Market by Geography

•             South

•             West

•             Mid-West

•             North-East

Key Vendors

•             Lifestyles Holdco Pte. Ltd

•             Church & Dwight

•             Diamond Products

•             Reckitt Benckiser Group

•             Okamoto Industries

•             Karex Berhad

•             Doc Johnson

Other Prominent Vendors

•             BioFilm

•             B. Cumming

•             Caution wear

•             CalExotics

•             Calvin Klein

•             Empowered Products

•             Good Clean Love

•             Guy & O’Neill

•             HBM Group

•             ID Lubricants

•             Innovus Pharma

•             L Brands

•             Live Well Brands

•             Mayor Laboratories

•             MD Science Lab

•             PHE

•             Sensuous Beauty

•             Silk Parasol

•             Sliquid

•             StaySafe Condoms

•             STRATA Various Product Design

•             Suki (OhMiBod)

•             Topco Sales

•             Trigg Laboratories

•             Veru Healthcare/The Female Health Company

•             X.R. Brands

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