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Two European visitors arrested in Iran for causing ‘social disorder’

Two European visitors arrested in Iran for causing 'social disorder'
Two European visitors arrested in Iran for causing 'social disorder'
Written by Harry Johnson

Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency reported today that two European visitors have been arrested by Iranian security officials while attempting to incite ‘unrest,’ ‘social disorder’ and ‘instability’ in the Islamic Republic.

According to an official statement issued by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and cited by Tasmin, two individuals from a European country, who had entered Iran seeking to “abuse the rightful demands of some of the country’s associations and social classes and change the direction of the normal requests toward unrest as well as social disorder and instability”, were identified and arrested by its forces.

The ministry declared that the ‘foreign plotters’ who had failed to achieve their targets through enacting ‘numerous and diverse scenarios’ against the Iranian nation in recent years, had dispatched two experienced agents to Iran to implement a combined plan comprising ‘modern soft and hard methods.’

The statement said the two agents were recruited by foreign intelligence services and were among the professional experts in causing unrest and instability.

The ministry did not reveal any other details about the detainees’ identities or timing of their arrest but issued a solemn warning against the ‘foreign centers of conspiracy’ and vowed it will spare no effort in ensuring Iranian ‘people’s security.’

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Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson has been the assignment editor for eTurboNews for mroe than 20 years. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is originally from Europe. He enjoys writing and covering the news.

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