Turkey Tourism Seemingly Booming Ahead of a New Season 2024

Turkey Tourism
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Kavaloğlu outlined ambitious tourism goals for Turkey, aiming for 100 million guests and $100 billion in revenue in the near future.

Turkey tourism seems to be booming for the upcoming season as pre-bookings from Europe soar.

Bookings from Europe are already showing a 20% increase compared to the previous year, which is giving a positive outlook for the industry.

“The initial reservations come from the British market, followed by Germany. We are observing a 20% increase in early bookings compared to 2023,” said Kaan Kavaloğlu. Kaan is the head of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (AKTOB).

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Kavaloğlu stressed the significance of sustainability in global tourism. He mentioned that about 800 million people live within a four-hour flight from Turkey. Additionally, Kavaloğlu highlighted Turkey’s pioneering role in making an agreement with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and expressed the country’s commitment to raising awareness about the serious risks posed by climate change.

Turkey Tourism Focuses on Sustainable Tourism

“As tourism professionals and hoteliers, we are aware of this. There is a sustainable tourism certification program. All our hotels are included in the first stage of this certification program. Work on the second and third stages is ongoing,” he explained.

Several hotels have successfully finished all three stages of the certification process and have obtained this sustainability certification, according to his comments.

Kavaloğlu highlighted the significant efforts made by numerous hotels in Turkey to obtain sustainability certificates, acknowledging the widespread understanding of its importance among these establishments. He mentioned that the Tourism Promotion and Development Agency effectively incorporates this certification into its marketing strategy, aligning with the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s vision for sustainable tourism.

He also mentioned the industry’s future objectives, focusing on the rising interest from tourists in the U.K. and Poland alongside the primary markets of Russia and Germany.

Turkey Tourism Target Goals

Kavaloğlu outlined ambitious tourism goals for Turkey, aiming for 100 million guests and $100 billion in revenue in the near future.

This year, they are close to reaching targets with 60 million tourists and $56 billion in revenue, with Antalya welcoming over 15 million tourists, surpassing 2019’s record. He highlighted the U.K. as a significant market, exceeding 1 million tourists last year and expected to surpass 1.5 million this year. Poland has also emerged as a major market, with over 1 million tourists, making it the fourth-largest source market for Turkey.

Kavaloğlu emphasized their proactive approach in preparing for the upcoming season, mentioning their participation at the WTM 2022 International Tourism Fair in London, where they gathered initial data for their marketing strategies.

“It will be Türkiye’s and Antalya’s year in tourism. Bookings have started well for 2024. The first reservations come from the British market, then from Germany. We see a 20% increase in early bookings compared to 2023.”

“We need to ensure its continuity. We follow the developments in the nearby geography. A world tourism without Turkey and Antalya is unimaginable,” he maintained.

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