Trusted News Source

You can apply to become a trusted news source for eTurboNews, if your non-advertorial news is

  • unique and newsworthy

NOT ACCEPTABLE for complimentary coverage by trusted PR sources.

  • not meant to promote, or advertise
  • do not mention air fares, rates, calls to buy, sales, statements that are not related to the content of the release.
  • No promotional links.
  • Never repeat a release with similar content
  • Never compete with our commercial options


  • Openings (Hotel, Airports, Companies, etc)
  • New Airline routes
  • Investments and developments
  • Top management changes

There is no guarantee of coverage. Submitted content may be rephrased and rewritten by our editors. Do-follow links, names, photos, videos may be left out.


  • Mention Names, do-follow links, advertorial verbage
  • We will create an audio version and audio YOUTUBE video
  • Included: Push Notification, extended social media, foreign language translation and inclusion, syndication, breaking news app, extended search and news aggregator .inclusion
  • Researched for SEO
  • We will bill a reduced rate of $150.00 for content you had marked “premium”, and uploaded as a trusted news provider

To include such items, click here for more information