Trusted news source

You can apply to become a trusted news-source for eTurboNews, if your non-advertorial news is :

  • unique and newsworthy


  • not meant to promote, or advertise
  • do not mention air fares, rates, calls to buy, sales, statements that are not related to the content of the release, promotional links.
  • never repeat a release with similar content
  • never compete with our commercial options


  • Openings (Hotel, Airports, Companies, etc)
  • New Airline routes
  • Investments and developments
  • Top management changes

There is no guarantee of coverage. Submitted content may be rephrased and rewritten by our editors. Links or names may be left out.
To include such items, please refer to our commercial options on

Any content accepted by trusted sources will NOT have a paywall, allowing all readers to read it without paying a premium, nor would readers be among subscribers to read.


Trusted News Source Members receive 1 complimentary commercial Premium Article (Value $250) every month.

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