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Travels to Europe in times of COVID

Travels to Europe in times of COVID
Travels to Europe in times of COVID

Fresh concerns over the second wave of COVID-19 came as the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, cancelled a planned trip earlier this week.

  1. UK has placed India on a red travel list since 1.6 million new infections have been reported in one week in India.
  2. Turkey daily coronavirus infection numbers have soared above 60,000.
  3. Portugal has been referred to as a coronavirus crisis country when at the end of January, 878 cases were reported in 7 days – more than 7 times higher than in Germany at the time.

India has been hit by a COVID tsunami with over 1.6 million infections within the last 7 days and was added to the UK’s travel “red list” amid concern over a new variant that has emerged in the country, British media reported.

The UK government decision to place India on the UK’s coronavirus travel “red list” came as a surprise, a spokesman for India’s ruling party said, responding with “there is a lack of data” on the variant in India. However, the data shows the daily average is now about 220,000 new cases – the fastest rate of COVID-19 spread in the world.

UK health officials are currently investigating whether a COVID variant first found in India spreads more easily and evades vaccines, the BBC reported. So far, the UK is reporting 108 cases of a new India variant in the United Kingdom. Tough measurements should have been taken earlier in order to avoid spreading the virus UK Ministers were told.

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