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Travel to Kiribati? Mauri is for you!

, Travel to Kiribati? Mauri is for you!, eTurboNews | eTN

The Government of Kiribati announced, that all international travel to and from Kiribati will return to normal on the 1st of August, 2022.

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Are you planning to visit Kiribati?

Kiribati, officially the Republic of Kiribati, is an island country in the central Pacific Ocean. The permanent population is over 119,000, more than half of whom live on Tarawa Atoll. The state comprises 32 atolls and one remote raised coral island, Banaba.

Kiribati is for travelers that have a passion for exploring and discovering people who like an adventure off the tourist trail to places where few have been before, and people who want to understand a country – not just see it. Kiribati will challenge your view of how life should be and show you a less complicated way of living where family and community come first.

Situated in the equatorial pacific, east Kiribati offers world-class fishing (both game and bone fishing) from Kiritimati Island. In the west is the Gilbert Group of islands, which offer amazing and unique cultural experiences. The country’s capital of Tarawa has historic sites and artifacts that were one of the bloodiest battles of World War II, the Battle of Tarawa.

If you are visiting as part of your work, we would encourage you to explore Kiribati to experience these delights – South Tarawa should not be the only Atoll you visit when you have 33 to choose from, even the nearby North Tarawa offers a very different perspective!

The Government of Kiribati announced, that all international travel to and from Kiribati will return to normal on the 1st of August, 2022.

The official announcement also confirmed that the Government of Kiribati has reduced the compulsory in-country quarantine days for all travelers from seven (7) to three (3) days.

In addition, the Government of Kiribati confirmed that the country’s COVID-19 Alert Level has been reduced from 3b to 3c and it has relaxed the SOP guidelines currently being practiced as part of Kiribati’s preventive measures against COVID-19.

South Pacific Tourism Organization CEO Christopher Cocker welcomed the announcement of Kiribati opening its borders to international travel. Adding that reopening of borders in the Pacific for tourists is an indication that tourism in the Pacific is recovering”.

“SPTO is currently in process of implementing its NZMFAT funded digital transformation project for tourism recovery in the Pacific, not only transforming destination marketing, sustainable planning and development but for tourism data and statistical information as well,” Mr. Cocker said.

Mr. Cocker mentioned that following earlier announcements, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu will open their borders to international travel on July 1st.

Kiribati is joining Fiji, Tahiti, and PNG which are now open to tourists.

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