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Travel Hotspots Especially for Seniors

If you’re a senior over 60, you likely are making or enjoying a travel bucket list. It’s that time of life to retire, slow down from the rat race, and enjoy visiting new places.

Research conducted by Aging In Place compiles a list of OECD countries and the largest and most visited cities in the US. They then ranked each destination on its suitability for senior travelers, looking at public transport links, sightseeing opportunities, weather, and hotels.

The 10 best vacation countries for retirees:

RankCountryNumber of art galleriesNumber of attractionsAverage yearly rainfall (mm)Public transport investment% of hotels with wheelchair accessRetirement travel score/10
1United States6,996256,915715$116.3b46.859.14
7United Kingdom2,09683,2391,220$25.2b36.737.68

For seniors, the US is the best country to travel to, scoring 9.14 out of 10 across all factors we looked at. The United States has more art galleries, nature and wildlife areas, and attractions than any other country on our list, giving endless opportunities for things to do while on holiday.

 46.85% of the hotels in the United States are marked as wheelchair accessible on Tripadvisor. Out of all the countries we looked at, only Spain and Australia have a higher percentage of accessible hotels. For retirees, this indicates more accessible showers, bathtubs, and larger hotel rooms to accommodate mobility restrictions.

Australia ranks second – scoring 9.04 out of 10 for retiree travel according to the criteria we looked at. Australia has the highest percentage of wheelchair-accessible hotels out of all countries on our list, at 50.89%, and the least amount of average annual rainfall.

Canada ranks third scoring 8.49 out of 10 across all criteria. With an average of 537mm of rainfall per year, Canada is one of the driest destinations on our list, giving you the best chance at a vacation without rain.

The research also details the best US city travel destinations:

RankCityNumber of art galleriesNumber of attractionsAverage yearly rainfall (mm)% of people that use public transport% of hotels with wheelchair accessRetirement travel score/10
1Las Vegas502,3281063.256.917.95
2San Francisco712,31258131.636.747.73
4Los Angeles572,6453628.223.466.97
5New York2165,5431,25852.844.366.45

Las Vegas ranks first as the best city for retired vacationers – with a score of 7.95 out of 10. Despite its reputation as the ultimate playground for nightlife and casinos, Sin City has endless opportunities for senior citizen travellers. Las Vegas is home to more art galleries, areas of nature and wildlife, and attractions than most other cities on our list.

San Francisco ranks second with a score of 7.73 out of 10.  San Francisco has more art galleries and areas of nature and wildlife than most cities we looked at, providing endless options for sightseeing and exploring the city’s natural beauty.

Chicago ranks third with a score of 7.35 out of 10. With more art galleries and attractions than most cities we looked at, Chicago is one of the best cities we looked at for sightseeing and culture. Chicago also has one of the most-used public transportation systems out of all cities in the US we looked at, with 26.2 percent of all commuters choosing to travel by bus, rail, or public transportation.

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