Travel Advisors Overwhelmed by Unsustainable Workload

Travel Advisors Overwhelmed by Unsustainable Workload
Travel Advisors Overwhelmed by Unsustainable Workload
Written by Harry Johnson

Travel advisors are under pressure due to higher demand, flight cancellations by airlines and personnel challenges this year.

Overwhelmed and burnt out with an unsustainable workload — yet happy with their profession and receiving sufficient support — are just a few ways today’s travel advisors are describing their current situation versus a year ago in the most recent “Need to Know” survey.

The most recent survey polled 259 travel advisors from around the country seeking to measure the pulse of their business and their sentiment toward their profession this year versus last.

The survey clearly indicates the pressures travel advisors are under due to circumstances beyond their control. These include higher demand, flight cancellations by airlines and the challenges of finding and training qualified employees.

Specifically, the survey found that 46% of travel advisors report being more overwhelmed than last with 29% saying they are suffering burnout.

A third (32%) of advisors stated their current workload is unsustainable and a full 59% state that clients are more demanding this year than at the same time last year.

In terms of handling the onslaught of business, challenges and client requests, advisors are taking action to make their jobs more manageable. Many report they are setting boundaries with clients and using a variety of tools to achieve their objectives.

More than half (52%) say they are fine with setting such boundaries and 48% say they are challenged when instituting such boundaries. Most (53%) have tried incorporating boundaries, with 69% say doing so has helped them.

The tools advisors are implementing to deal with the pressures include 57% establishing business hours, 55% charging fees and 32% not sharing their personal numbers.

“Travel is booming, and advisors are on the front lines. With all the things that can, and do, go wrong on a trip, advisors have more to deal with than ever before. So, it’s important that they take steps to manage their workload and avoid burnout.

Despite the extraordinary pressures of the job, travel advisors appear to be pleased and happy with their work. More than half (61%) report being happy with their chosen profession, while 76% say they are getting enough support from their insider work circle and others who directly support them. A full 64% are pleased with the support they receive from suppliers.

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