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World’s highest-rated cities for hotels, restaurants and nights out

Top 10 highest-rated cities for hotels, restaurants and nights out
Top 10 highest-rated cities for hotels, restaurants and nights out
Written by Harry Johnson

It’s almost impossible to travel to every single one of the spectacular destinations that the world has to offer.

To narrow the field a little, travel experts looked at which cities are the best-reviewed when it comes to hotels, restaurants, nights out and things to do.

So, which are the highest-rated destinations according to travelers?

The highest-rated cities for hotels

Taking the top spot overall is Los Angeles, US, with the highest number of five-star hotels in the world. Whether you want to stay in iconic Hollywood hotels of the past or rub shoulders with the rich and famous of today, LA has you covered with 16.88% of the hotels in the city being rated five stars by visitors.

Ranking in second is Athens, Greece. The city has the second highest number of five-star hotels in the world, with 11.84% of hotels in the city being rated five stars by guests. Athens also came in second for both hotels and nightlife, as well as being the top-ranked city for things to do.

In third place is another Greek city, Rhodes. With a total of 1,323 hotel reviews in the city, 7.41% of hotels in Rhodes are rated five stars by holidaymakers. The city also makes the overall top 10 rankings in sixth place.

The highest-rated cities for restaurants

While cities such as Paris and New York City are known for their thriving foodie scenes, it was Brussels that had the highest percentage of Michelin-listed restaurants, with 3.1%.

Within them are three two-star and 10 one-star establishments. The city is also home to a number of cafés and bistros, where waffles, chocolate, fries and beer are amongst the local specialties.

The highest-rated cities for nightlife

In terms of pubs, bars and clubs, the destination with the highest ratio of five-star establishments is the Greek island of Rhodes.

Rhodes is a very tourist-oriented destination, with plenty of options once the sun sets on its sandy beaches, whether that’s a quiet beachside bar or livelier nightclubs.

The highest-rated cities for things to do

As well as being the highest-rated city overall, the Greek capital of Athens takes the top spot when it comes to things to do – with 44.1% of its attractions being rated as five stars.

The Acropolis dominates the city and is the main attraction for most visitors. The hilltop location is home to ancient landmarks like the Parthenon temple, as well as the Acropolis Museum, housing artefacts from the site.

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