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Tokyo introduces transparent ‘smartglass’ public toilets

Tokyo introduces transparent ‘smartglass’ public toilets
Tokyo introduces transparent 'smartglass' public toilets
Written by Harry S. Johnson

New high-tech restrooms are being built in Japanese capital city as part of the Tokyo Toilets project launched by the Nippon Foundation.

The main goal of the project is to rid Tokyo of the image of “dirty and foul smelling”.

Initially, it was planned to install a network of new latrines throughout the whole city, but due to some difficulties, transparent toilets appeared in only one area of Tokyo so far.

“Three modern toilets have been built in the Shibuya area. This is a transparent toilet in Harunogawa Park, designed by the architect Shigeru Sakaru. The walls of the toilet stop being transparent when a person is inside,” the Nippon Foundation said.

As soon as a person enters the toilet and closes the door with a key, the glass walls covered with a special film immediately become opaque.

This allows visitors to check the inside of the toilet and make sure it is free.


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