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Times Square of Asia: Amazing Thailand rings in 2022

Thailand's Central World, the global countdown landmark, aka 'Times Square of Asia', spotlights 'message for better futures' to the world with spectacular fireworks to ring in 2022

Thailand’s most famous celebration landmark in the heart of Bangkok, as known as ‘Times Square of Asia’, will be LIVE broadcast only to be socially responsible and ensure everyone’s health and safety while keeping the phenomenon alive with a large-scale spectacular firework show. It definitely will create such memorable moments of the year similar to other famous countdown landmarks around the world.

Central World has been No. 1 Christmas and New Year celebration landmark in Thailand for more than 20 years. Moving forward to 2022, the global shopping center features the most stunning highlight of its spectacular fireworks under the theme of ‘MESSAGE FOR BETTER FUTURES’ which also are synchronized to combine the firework, the live orchestra from the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, and the virtual 3D graphic art showing on the panOramix, the world’s largest interactive digital screen, to enhance Central World’s status as the one and only global countdown landmark at the heart of Bangkok.

These sensational fireworks, inspired by 2021’s most-talked-about global movements, lay the profound meanings and symbols which can be interpreted into an unforgettable story to drive the positive energy; 

Act 1: ‘Power of Positivity showcasing encouragement from Thais to the world that we will soon conquer this pandemic.

Act 2: ‘Harmony of the world’ showcasing the power of unity as we all play important roles harmonizing in solidarity.

Act 3: ‘Forwarding Happiness’ showcasing four inspirational messages that are 2021’s most-talked-about global movements: 

  • Protect the Earth – Since there is no planet B, we urge the environmental awareness and sustainable changes. 
  • Respect Equality – In the world full of diversity, let’s embrace the beauty of differences. 
  • Stay Resilient – No matter how many times we fall, we will rise to overcome any kind of situation. 
  • Imagining Better Futures for All – Believe in the power of commitment and innovation for a better future for all.

Such are the inspiration of ‘MESSAGE FOR BETTER FUTURES’ synchronized fireworks – an emblem from Thailand to reflect our positive energy towards the world stage to get through the pandemic together. 

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