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Three Ways to Have Fun in Cebu

, Three Ways to Have Fun in Cebu, eTurboNews | eTN

Are you confused on what to do in Cebu? Find out in this guide.


The fastest way to travel manila to cebu is through an airplane. On average, it takes an hour from Manila and other local destinations. Cebu has connected international flights to other locations such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Incheon, Osaka, Narita (Tokyo), and Busan.

The major airlines that operate inside of Cebu include AirAsia, Korean Air, Philippine Airlines, Tiger Air, and also Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific is the largest carrier in the Philippines, making it easier for you to reach your destination in an efficient yet timely manner.

Alternatively, Cebu can be reached by boat from the following destinations: Manila, Cagayan, Davao, Iloilo, Bohol, Leyte among others. When traveling through a ferry, make sure you receive your tickets in advance so that you can travel amongst others.

And through this guide, we’ll show you some fun activities you can partake in. Don’t worry, each of them is simple, meaning that tourist of all activity levels can find fun out of it.

Beach Bumming

Cebu is a province known for its captivating beaches. Bantayan island is our personal favorite, but most of the municipalities have secret beaches of their own. Some of the other popular beach destinations are Moalboal, Mactan Island, Sumilon Island, and Malapascua Island.

Beach bumming is a great experience during the summer! If possible, we suggest that you bring 2-3 friends to help make it a fun group experience. No matter what you do, make sure you’re prepared to have a great day under the sun.

Historical Tour

While others find historical tours to be a bit of a tourist attraction, one historical tour will give you more information on Cebu than any brochure or television documentary. That’s why we suggest you take a historical tour when you travel manila to cebu.

When exploring Cebu’s capital city, start from the downtown area. From there, you can walk to other historical landmarks such as the cathedral church, Magellan’s Cross, Plaza Independencia, and Museo Sugbu.

In fact, rent a car or hop on a bus to take a road trip to North of South Cebu. You’ll discover a lot of historical places and natural wonders along the way.


You can find a diverse range of cultural dishes from Cebu. Eateries and restaurants offer different dishes from European, Asian, to American. But of course, you have to try out the local food. For instance, Cebu is known for their puso (hanging rice) and Lechon (roasted pig), and there’s no reason why you should leave the island without trying them. There are some other local treats you should try including dried mangoes, siomai, and other forms of seafood!


To conclude, you need to learn how travel manila to cebu to see what the Philippines has to offer. Not only does this island have high-quality food, great tourist attractions, and a wonderful history behind it, but its an inexpensive, yet safe way to travel. We cannot stress it enough; once you have fun at Cebu, you won’t want to vacation anywhere else!

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