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Three Italian Events Bolster Tourism With a New Confident Boost

TTG, SIA and SUN 2021 come to a successful close

Upon the successful conclusion of TTG, SIA, and SUN 2021, it is the hope of Italy Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia that a tourism growth target of 20% of GDP is an attainable target.

TTG, SIA and SUN 2021 came to a close at Rimini Expo Centre (Italy) with visitors registering 90% of the number recorded at the 2019 edition. Organized by Italian Exhibition Group, the three events, which group together the tourism supply chain, saw a definite upturn in the operators’ confidence curve: a key theme with which this year’s edition was opened. Italian and international tourism therefore re-starts from here.

  1. The Italian tourism marketplace organized by Italian Exhibition Group touched on pre-pandemic attendance levels.
  2. 1,800 brands, confirmations, and new entries from numerous foreign countries and Italian regions were in attendance.
  3. Over 200 events in 9 themed arenas for 650 hours of discussion and information were specifically for industry professionals.

A re-start that saw 700 buyers from over 40 foreign countries (most of them in physical attendance with virtual matching for those from countries that would have required long-haul flights), 62% from Europe and 38% from non-European countries. 80% of the operators selected for the matching specialized in leisure tourism (from group travel to tailor-made proposals) with a further share in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) sector. Spread over 19 halls, 1,800 brands were in attendance and over 200 events were staged with more than 250 speakers in nine “Arenas” for 650 hours of discussion and information.

Results that well-exceeded expectations and came close to pre-pandemic levels, receiving wide acclaim from all the stakeholders present and involved in formulating a message of courage and creativity for the sector most affected globally by the pandemic shock. The thirty foreign countries attending TTG, some of which Italy has opened health corridors with, provided the sign of confidence that the organized tourism market has been waiting for. The tropics, the Middle East, the Americas and the Mediterranean basin, as well as Europe, breathed new life into matching for new international tourist packages.

Together with the most representative trade associations, from Federalberghi to sectors represented by Confturismo, ASTOI (Tour Operator Association), FTO (Organized Tourism Federation), including FAITA Federcamping, SIB (Seaside Establishment Union), the institutional partner ENIT (Italian Tourism Board), the Regions, the world of research with ISNART, Milan Polytechnic and CNR (National Research Council) and market and consumer trend analysts, a calendar of meetings has been drawn up to represent future tourism.

A kind of tourism that will dialogue with the institutions to quickly equip itself with the tools required for a new beginning: from proposals put forward to upgrade the hospitality sector in terms of infrastructure and concept in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality, to  new industrial strategies, as in the case of ITA (Italian Air Transport), which has confirmed its commitment towards environmental and economic sustainability by operating with latest generation aircraft and meeting the demand for direct flights on intercontinental routes.

TTG also proved that territories can be increasingly specialized by listening to their vocation and enhancing their intangible traditional assets and exceptional products, from experiential tourism to wine routes. Market trends need to be identified in advance with farsightedness in order to revive Italian tourism’s competitive capacity on global markets. The highlights of the 58th TTG spoke the language of confidence in people, life, nature and the future. During the opening ceremony, Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia expressed the hope that the value of tourism would grow by 20% of GDP thanks to the combined effect of the Italy brand and the measures adopted by the Government in favor of businesses and employment.

To mark the 70th anniversary of SIA Hospitality Design, four exhibitions – Rooms, Outdoor, Wellness and Hotel in Motion – curated by architects specialized in hospitality and contract design, expressed innovation and evolution in Made in Italy hotels amid minimal luxury, sustainability and great attention to the physical and mental wellbeing of guests, with increasing attention to the balance between closed and open spaces.

SUN Beach&Outdoor Style, at its 39th edition, also featured a program brimming with new ideas for outdoor enterprises, bathing establishments and campsites. New glamping concepts united the demand for design, attention to detail and an open-air spirit for a highly potential market for both Italy and abroad, including the cold countries of northern Europe. And SUN also provided the tools for companies to specialize in this segment, with targeted debates in the Outdoor Arena program and specific focuses on various themes in the Beach Arena on the new digital technologies that beaches now need to provide new services to customers in the name of relaxation and safety.

Furthermore, this year the SIA halls also featured the new Superfaces event, a b2b marketplace specifically for innovative materials for interiors, design and architecture.

IEG looks forward to meeting the entire Italian and international tourism industry again at Rimini Expo Centre from October 12-14, 2022.

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