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The Newest Airline Company in Indonesia

, The Newest Airline Company in Indonesia, eTurboNews | eTN

In Indonesia, ACMI is still pretty new, and there aren’t that many service companies. With this knowledge, BBN Airlines Indonesia should be able to help Indonesia meet its growing flight needs in a bigger way.

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BBN Airlines Indonesia is the newest company in Indonesia’s aviation business. It is a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group and focuses on providing ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance), air charter, and air freight services.

On August 31, this year, the Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operations of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia gave BBN Airlines Indonesia an Airline Operator Certificate.

The AOC was given to BBN Airlines Indonesia after it passed five steps: Pre-Application, Formal Application, Document Compliance, Demonstration and Inspection, and Certification. All of these stages were in line with ICAO rules and Indonesian aviation laws. By finishing all steps of certification, BBN Airlines Indonesia was found to have met all technical and safety requirements for an AOC and was given the green light to start commercial flights right away.

“The AOC shows that we are ready and willing to help Indonesia with its aviation needs in all areas, including airlines, tour companies, cargo, and logistics.

We’ve seen that there’s a lot of demand for aircraft provisioning, especially during busy times like Umrah, Haj, Eid, and other holidays that cause a big increase in goods distribution, and we’ve done a lot of study on that. This is why Martynas Grigas, Chairman of BBN Airlines Indonesia, says, “We are sure that this is a great chance for us to be able to help the airline, logistics, and tour operator companies in a way that they need so that they can give their customers fast, reliable, safe, and comfortable service.”

As soon as it gets its AOC, BBN Airlines Indonesia will run a fleet of two Boeing 737-800F planes that will focus on air freight services. By the end of 2023, BBN Airlines Indonesia wants to have a fleet of nine planes that can be used for both freight and people.

BBN Airlines Indonesia stands out from its competitors in the ACMI field in part because it has worked hard to get its fleet of planes ready. “ACMI companies are still rare, especially in Asia.

We have wet leases as well as mixed-crew or damp leases that can be made to fit the needs of each client. The lessee gets an extra plane or more, and the lessor gives a full promise about the plane’s airworthiness, crew, maintenance, and insurance. On the other hand, the lessee will be in charge of things like fuel and ground handling services, according to Mr. Grigas.

Indonesian airlines can get everything they need from the ACMI services that BBN Airlines Indonesia offers. Focusing on flexibility, dependability, and safety, BBN Airlines Indonesia offers a wide range of choices, such as experienced crew, maintenance that runs like clockwork, and all the insurance coverage a partner company needs to run a safe and efficient business.

Air charter flights are the second thing that BBN Airlines Indonesia has to give. This service is a direct response to the needs of tourists in Indonesia who have their own specific wants and needs. In this case, BBN Airlines Indonesia will offer a service that can be tailored to the needs of the visitor for a more personal trip.

The third service that BBN Airlines Indonesia offers is air freight service, which helps with the growing amount of e-commerce both in Indonesia and around the world. For delivery to be reliable from Sabang to Merauke, which is a big area, cargo planes need to be fast and safe. BBN Airlines Indonesia gives businesses a choice of routes and flexible schedules. Fast and safe shipping is made possible by skilled and experienced third-party logistics companies.

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