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The Magic of Beautiful Places

The Goetheanum is part of the Federal Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites (ISOS), representing the Canton of Solothurn in the newly published list of 50 selected objects spread around Switzerland in the project ’The Magic of Beautiful Places’.

“That Dornach is represented in the project ‘The Magic of Beautiful Places’ is a great honour and I am delighted for our town. The choice to enlist the Goetheanum with the 50 very special Swiss heritage sites worth protecting reflects the fact that this is a special tourist gem,” explains Dornach‘s mayor Daniel Urech.

“We are proud of this designation and heartened to be seen as part of the history of Dornach, the Canton of Solothurn and Switzerland,” says Stefan Hasler, who is in charge of construction questions within the Goetheanum Leadership. “For us, the Goetheanum is a place where we cultivate human connections and the School of Spiritual Science it is a meeting place for working on topical questions of our time.”

Marcel Schenker, tourism manager in the Schwarzbubenland Forum, is convinced that “Including the Goetheanum in the project ‘The Magic of Beautiful Places’ shows that the Schwarzbubenland is recognized as a Solothurn tourist attraction even beyond the northwest of Switzerland and that it has much to offer. The Goetheanum plays a very important part in this as one of the beacons of tourism.”

In a joint media message, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and Schweiz Tourismus write that the sites selected for the project ‘The Magic of Beautiful Places’ stand out for their history and architecture, that they are tourist gems and typical examples of their region. As well as photos, a description and some videos on the Swiss tourism website, there is an illustrated book about the 50 places of interest in the country‘s three languages: German, French and Italian. 1200 selected places of interest are presently included in the inventory of Swiss heritage sites.

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