The Importance of Using Examples in Your Writing

The Importance of Using Examples in Your Writing
Written by Linda Hohnholz

Examples and pieces of evidence in a write up can be quite beneficial for writers to support their claims and ideas. They can provide examples to ensure that the overall flow is not muddy. Moreover, with the inclusion of the instances, readers will have a certain level of trust as there is proper proof to back up the claims. Multiple writers focus on providing mistake-free pieces and completely unique essays. However, if there is no example, the article might not be of much value to the audience. Read on to find out the importance of including examples in writing.

Importance of using examples

By using pieces of evidence that the reader can relate to, the quality of the essays can be enhanced significantly. There are more than 10000 free essays online that can help a person as they are excellent instances of how everything should be composed. A lot of free essay examples show the perfect structure and organization of one’s thoughts, research results, etc.

Here are a few ways in which the readers can be affected in positive ways by the usage of free examples:

  •   Leaves something for the reader to relate to

If the paper includes examples, readers have a better chance of linking to that particular topic. Several write-ups, while explaining a particular task, provide examples so that the person reading it can have a better understanding and relate to the write-up.

  •   Provides the article with much-needed statistics

In a research paper, statistics and evidence provide a much-needed proof to the statements mentioned. With the mention of these, not only is the paper more interesting to read but, the audience will also have a certain level of trust on the information mentioned.

  •   Provides a better understanding

For example, there is an article about the purpose of life. So, if the writer includes examples of purpose in life, the reader will have a better understanding of the writer’s mindset. Moreover, they will be able to grab the concept in a much quicker and better way.

  •   Brings in a more realistic approach

By using proofs and pieces of evidence in the write-up, the writer will be able to provide a more realistic opinion. It will also attract people to the article as there will be something possible in real life instead of something entirely fictional. There are several samples, which include examples only to make the text more interesting to read.

How can one include examples in the text?

There are several ways to incorporate the pieces of evidence and proofs in the text. But, how does one do so to leave a mark on the reader? Here are a few ways to incorporate samples.

The Importance of Using Examples in Your Writing

  •   Integrating them in texts

One can incorporate them into paragraphs and leave a better impression on the reader. This way, he or she will be able to follow the same in real life after having a better understanding. For example, if one wants to portray the importance of paint colors and how it leaves different effects, here is how to do it. Colors such as red and pink are warm colors. These are known for leaving a stimulating effect on the people in the room.

Such examples of writing can be used in the text without deviating from the topic or confusing the person reading it.

  •   Using them as parenthetical phrases

This might be the old way of including samples in the write-up. However, it still leaves a solid impact on the person reading it. Here is how a writer can use parenthetical phrases. If you are heading on a trip, make sure to make a proper first-aid kit, which includes all the crucial supplies (e.g., bandages, paracetamol, antiseptic cream, etc.). By including parenthetical phrases, a reader will have a better understanding, and more importantly, he/she won’t deviate from the topic.

  •   Using illustrations

If the author wants to include hypothetical situations, the best way to do so is with illustrations. One can opt for pictures or real-life situations or even give the reader some situation to imagine. This will help the reader to understand what the author means. Moreover, it will enhance the article as well and make it more appealing to look and read.

Examples can take an average article to the next level. There are several free essays, which use them to provide another dimension to the write-up. However, if they are not as per the context, it will be of no benefit. So, make sure that you include the instances, which are authentic and correct.

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