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The Hidden Door to Shambhala Songtsam Guides Guests & Readers

, The Hidden Door to Shambhala Songtsam Guides Guests & Readers, eTurboNews | eTN
Songtsam’s hard-cover Brand Story, The Hidden Door; The Hidden Door to Shambhala by Songtsam Lodge Shangri-La - image courtesy of Songtsam
Linda S. Hohnholz
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

On “A Path to Enlightenment” Through New Hardcover Brand Story

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Songtsam Hotels, Resorts & Tours, an award-winning boutique luxury hotel chain in the Tibet and Yunnan Provinces of China, has released its Brand Story in the format of a hard-cover coffee table book: The Hidden Door, A Path to Enlightenment. This Songtsam Brand story, published by SDX Joint Publishing Company and printed by Shenzhen Artron, is about the unique and influential philosophy of the Songtsam brand and its ancestral association with The Hidden Door to the Kingdom of Shambhala.

Legend has it that in an unknown place on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, there is a mysterious kingdom called Shambhala. Here, people transcend their troubles and pains, and finally realize the true source of happiness. The founder of Songtsam, Baima Duoji, made this path to discover happiness a reality as part of the guest experience for those who stay at the Songtsam boutique hotels and participate in Songtsam Tours’ curated travel experiences. Thus enabling  Songtsam guests to find and open The Hidden Door to Shambhala.

Songtsam’s Guide to The Hidden Door

The mission for The Hidden Door is to introduce the world to the cultural value of Songtsam through their Hotels, Tours and people. The book is divided into four chapters, Songtsam Hotels, Songtsam Tours, Songtsam People and the last chapter, Born in the Land, which is about the growth of the Songtsam brand. Readers will learn about Songtsam’s philosophy about the power of travel and how the brand  turned stone into gold by building their hotels in these scenic and rural locations. Due to Songtsam’s unique travel philosophy, Songtsam Tours developed all-inclusive curated experiences, where the journey became just as important as the final destination.

After 20 years, everything Songtsam has become, evolved from the people who make up the Songtsam “family”.

Together with the natural environment, traditional culture, and indigenous values, the people not only formed the current Songtsam, but also touched each and every person who visited Songtsam as guests.  Songtsam now has 12 hotels, culture-rich travel itineraries and more than 800 employees, 92% of whom are from the local villages. This results in a strong community bond and contributes toward the economic growth of the local communities. Through the  book’s short stories, the reader, and guest, can understand how Songtsam has injected vitality into the countryside, respecting and protecting the local culture, traditions, art and environment.

Cai Jinghui, Chief Strategy Officer of Songtsam Group, producer of The Hidden Door stated, “For Songtsam, The Hidden Door was a valuable starting point which allowed us to enter and give a voice to the local culture, by building a bridge between the land and the city. Every Songtsam person finds a common understanding of “Songtsam” from the book, but it also allows Songtsam guests and readers to understand and learn exactly about what Songtsam is doing to facilitate the process.”

Message from the Publisher – SDX Joint Publishing Company

“SDX Joint Publishing Company published The Hidden Door because we were moved by Songtsam’s persistence in culture over the years,” said the Publisher’s spokesperson. “For 20 years, Songtsam has been rooted in the western countryside of China, silently keeping the cultural practices of the land alive for generations, acting as a bridge connecting the city and the countryside. In the context of the big era, these moving stories can help readers & guests better understand the vivid details of the western development and rural revitalization practices. Through the example of Songtsam, SDX Joint Publishing Company hopes to open a door for more readers who are interested in the west, the countryside, and the cultural tourism industry.”

, The Hidden Door to Shambhala Songtsam Guides Guests & Readers, eTurboNews | eTN
Songzanlin Monastery – image courtesy of Songtsam

About Songtsam 

Songtsam (“Paradise”) is an award-winning luxury collection of hotels and lodges located in Tibet and Yunnan Province, China. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Baima Duoji, a former Tibetan Documentary filmmaker, Songtsam is the only collection of luxury Tibetan-style retreats within the wellness space focusing on the concept of Tibetan meditation by combining physical and spiritual healing together. The 12 unique properties can be found across the Tibetan Plateau, offering guests authenticity, within the context of refined design, modern amenities, and unobtrusive service in places of untouched natural beauty and cultural interest. 

About Songtsam Tours 

Songtsam Tours, a Virtuoso Asia Pacific Preferred Supplier, offers curated experiences by combining stays at its different hotels and lodges designed to discover the region’s diverse culture, rich biodiversity, incredible scenic landscapes, and unique living heritage. Songtsam currently offers two signature routes: the Songtsam Yunnan Circuit, which explores the “Three Parallel Rivers” area (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the new Songtsam Yunnan-Tibet Route, which merges the Ancient Tea Horse Road, G214 (Yunnan-Tibet highway), G318 (Sichuan-Tibet highway), and the Tibetan Plateau road tour into one, adding unprecedented comfort to the Tibetan travel experience. 

About Songtsam Mission 

Songtsam’s mission is to inspire their guests with the diverse ethnic groups and cultures of the region and to understand how the local people pursue and understand happiness, bringing Songtsam guests closer to discovering their own Shangri-La. At the same time, Songtsam has a strong commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the essence of Tibetan culture by supporting the economic development of the local communities and the environmental conservation within Tibet and Yunnan. Songtsam was on the 2018, 2019 & 2022 Condé Nast Traveler Gold List. 

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