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The future of aviation in India

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Readers of India news on eTurboNews are surely aware that India is trying to convey the exciting things  happening on the aviation in India.

Readers of India news on eTurboNews are surely aware that India is trying to convey the exciting things happening on the aviation field in the country. This update is part of that effort.

Soon to be flying in the blue skies will be Akasa Air, which incidentally means the sky. This is a venture promoted by investor Rakesh Jhunjhuwala, who has just received the vital air operators’ certificate to fly.

Akasa has some big names on board including Vinay Dube and Aditya Ghosh, who have played important roles to see the rise of the aviation sector in India. This is the fifth carrier in the low budget category to add to capacity, which is so vital for a growing economy.

Indigo, spicejet, Go First, Air Asia, and Air India Express are some other players to watch on the aviation scene.

In some of these cases it is important to note that some airlines have not always followed the rules and have been asked to pull up socks, as it were.

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In the days to come, Jet 2 will be watched with much interest by both passengers and other players and stakeholders. Once the blue eyed of the industry, Jet 2 fell into bad financial days, and its revival with funding will be continued to be watched with great interest.

Of course, Air India, freshly in new hands of the famed Tatas family, will remain on the radar for everyone involved, even as the top management still finds itself sorting through the many issues facing the airline.

Speaking on the investment potential in the tourism sector, the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Mr. G. Kamala Vardhan Rao, stated that tourism is the beneficiary of all the investments of various ministries and departments including civil aviation along with national highways, rural development ministry, railways, etc. “Whichever department is investing in the infrastructure and services sector, it is tourism which is the beneficiary,” he stated.

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