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The Best Student-Friendly Countries to Visit

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Modern students have all opportunities today to quench their wanderlust. Besides, many of them can easily afford it, and more and more young people prefer to combine their study and work to save up money on such valuable things as traveling. Suppose you are one of those who can’t imagine your life without moving from place to place, experiencing various emotions from discovering new spots of the earth. In that case, you can look through the following recommendations on the best student-friendly countries to visit.

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Czech Republic

The trip to the Czech Republic will be relatively inexpensive for students compared to many other European countries lagging in their beauty and historical importance. Once you decide to go to this magnificent place, you will get a chance to explore one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague. This capital is perfect for students who travel on a lower budget. Its stunning sights impress even those travelers who are difficult to surprise. Thus, if you find yourself in the mood to explore the oldest spots of the town, you can go to the Old Town Square, stroll across the Charles Bridge, and witness by yourself all the architectural masterpieces left from a long time ago. If you find it not enough for the day, visit Prague Castle and see the Treasures of St Vitus Cathedral. Whatever your heart is craving, you can indulge in speculation of an old city’s precious beauty. And of course, what would the day be without a tasty national cuisine to try? So, don’t resist trying a sweetened pastry of cylindrical dough covered in sugar. You will add more joy to your trip.


Have you always dreamed of visiting Germany but don’t know how to start your trip to this country? Germany has almost everything to offer its tourists, especially students who crave attending the most ancient spots and sights with fabulous castles and cathedrals well-preserved since the dawn of time. Or, if you are more into nature, you can enjoy lush forests, crystal clear lakes, steep rock faces, rolling meadows, and sleepy little villages. These natural wonders will allow you to get some peace of mind and energy reboot, which are crucial for students overwhelmed with college pressure and stress. If you can’t endure the enormous amount of responsibility received in college, can assist you with any matters to help you cope with the most confusing tasks. Make sure you settle all your matters before you go to Germany to devote most of the time to the country’s magnificence and gorgeous scenery that you can admire while cycling, hiking, or Nordic walking.


Greece is a perfect place for students to visit. Its ancient archeological sites, fascinating culture, and natural beauty never leave anyone indifferent. This country will meet everybody’s needs. Those who prefer to spend more time on the beach sunbathing will find spots where they could relax and enjoy their holiday. Greece is full of sand and pebble beaches where people enjoy the Mediterranean climate and get the most beautiful suntan at any time of the year. Most young learners come to the country to catch a ferry to the islands. The most popular ones are Crete, Corfu, and Santorini. These places offer you an incredible opportunity to see with your own eyes the most ancient settlement buried below lava following the volcanic eruption more than three thousand years ago. If you are more up to spending beautiful afternoons with your friends in the cafe chatting and eating delicious food, you can get lost in the splendid views sitting on one of the cafe terraces in Crete. This city is not only about beaches and swimming. You can engage yourself in many other exciting activities offered for tourists to enjoy their time to the fullest.


You can find many student-friendly counties popular among young people who regularly try to visit those places. It’s a great way to experience rich cultures, try great food, and become one with history. Besides, getting yourself out of your comfort zone can teach you many new things that you may apply in your life and future career. Thus, don’t miss a chance to give yourself a lifetime experience that you will keep in your memories for a long, long time. Remember, the world has so much to offer you, so don’t resist.

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