The Best Places for Digital Nomads in Spain and Portugal

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Written by Linda Hohnholz

Ready to break free from the usual office grind and swoop into the exciting world of digital nomadism?

Look to the stunning Iberian Peninsula, where golden beaches easily blend with lively city vibes.

If you’re staying in Spain or Portugal, you should know it those countries have been magnets for tourists for plenty of years, and with a good reason. With their Mediterranean climate, diverse landscapes, and rich cultures, these countries have become irresistible spots for remote workers seeking inspiration and a bit of adventure.

Hotspots for Digital Nomads in Spain

While Spain and Portugal have been traditional tourist hotspots, they’ve now embraced the digital nomad trend. The Mediterranean weather, varied terrains, and deep-rooted civilizations of these countries have a magnetic pull on remote workers.

If Spain is your digital work haven, there’s a bounty of cities awaiting your choice. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, and Granada are the digital nomad magnets in Spain. Each city boasts its own unique charm and offers a range of co-working spaces and other comforts tailor-made for the remote work lifestyle.


For those craving an urban experience with vibrant nightlife and endless activities, Barcelona fits the bill perfectly. This cosmopolitan epicenter caters to all interests – from world-class museums and architectural wonders to mouthwatering cuisine and fine wine. Boredom is not on the menu in Barcelona!


The capital of Spain pulses with energy, bragging about a rich cultural heritage and almost 2,000 highly-rated attractions. The architecture is awe-inspiring, the food is divine, and the nights are alive. Madrid also serves as a fantastic launchpad for exploring the rest of Spain, thanks to efficient public transport and a host of co-working spaces and cafes to choose from.


If a sun-soaked location that keeps you engaged during your working escape is what you’re after, Valencia is your destination of choice. With its Mediterranean climate, you can bask in sunshine all year round—a dream for exploring the city’s array of outdoor delights. 

Favorite Picks for Digital Nomads in Portugal

In Portugal, the capital city of Lisbon emerges as a prime pick for digital nomads, demonstrating a historic center, lively nightlife, and plenty of co-working spaces. Porto, another rising star, captivates nomads with its splendid architecture, laid-back vibe, and proximity to Portugal’s premier surf spots – the favorable workation to be!


Portugal’s capital has a variety of histories and is bustling with energy. It’s a digital nomad’s joy, offering many co-working spaces and cafes, along with a wealth of recreational activities. Lisbon’s culinary and wine scene is outstanding, and you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice with its abundance of museums and art galleries.


A city that’s both laid-back and brimming with life, Porto boasts a picturesque historical core, tantalizing food and wine, and a cornucopia of attractions. As Portugal’s second-largest city, it’s the ideal launchpad for exploring the rest of the country.

Closing Thoughts

Wallowing in abundant sunlight, enjoying a reasonable cost of living, accessing high-speed internet, and absorbing a vibrant nightlife—it’s no wonder that Spain and Portugal have become the ultimate playgrounds for digital nomads. Let this guide lead you toward your ideal place and kickstart your work-and-play adventure today!

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