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Thailand Tourist Visa Extensions Now Restricted

Yesterday was the last day for visitors in Thailand to apply for a 60-day  visa extension for COVID-19
It was expected to be extended, but Thai Immigration confirmed Wednesday, January 26 that visa extensions based on the Covid discretion are now restricted. Still eligible are foreigners who originally entered the Kingdom on a 60 days tourist visa, granted by a Thai diplomatic post abroad, or with 30 days visa exemption stamped at Bangkok airport.

Holders of non-immigrant visas of any kind can no longer extend or renew their stay by using the Covid route.

Foreigners however can continue to obtain extensions of stay if they qualify under the rules of that non-immigrant visa. For example, holders of non-immigrant visas based on retirement can continue to obtain their annual extensions provided they have the necessary bank or embassy documentation as in the past.

The rationale for the new Covid-related rule is that discretion was introduced two years ago to extend the stay of “tourists” who were stranded by the pandemic. People holding non-immigrant visas are no longer deemed to be on holiday.

Visitors who cannot extend or renew their visas in Thailand are given 7 days to leave the country. The Covid extensions for still eligable “tourists” are available until March 25, 2022

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