Tara Air Pilots Engage in Fight at Ramechhap Airport

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Written by Binayak Karki

A fight erupted between two Tara Air pilots, Santosh Shah and Sanjeev Shrestha, at Ramechhap Airport during a shift change.

The conflict began when Captain Shrestha pushed Captain Shah, who was attempting a handshake, resulting in a physical altercation.

Captain Shah sustained a hand injury and sought medical attention, while Captain Shrestha continued his flight. Subsequently, both the aircraft and Captain Shrestha were grounded at Lukla Airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal is contemplating revoking Captain Shrestha’s license.

Tara Air is conducting an internal inquiry, noting that the dispute appears to be rooted in personal matters unrelated to the airline’s operations. This revised text consists of 120 words.

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