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Tanzania tourism documentary: President plans Hidden Tanzania

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Tanzania President is now planning the second phase of the documentary to be known as to be known as “The Hidden Tanzania.”

After the successful production of the tourist premium Royal Tour documentary, Tanzania President Samia Suluhu Hassan is now planning the second phase of the documentary to be known as to be known as “The Hidden Tanzania.”

The second part of the Royal Tour documentary will feature tourist attractions located in the Southern Highland of Tanzania that is best known for nature, cultural heritage, sea and lake beaches, geographical features, natural sceneries, and historical heritage sites.

The Tanzanian president said this ending week that that the second part of the Royal Tour documentary will feature then promote nature-based tourism in southern Tanzania, including Kitulo National Park in southern Tanzania which is best for its natural flowers.

“Hidden Tanzania in … other parts of the country, including Njombe and other regions in the Southern Circuit, will feature,” the President said.

The Royal Tour documentary is part of the campaign to promote Tanzania as a preferred tourist destination launched by the president of Tanzania for the first time in Tanzania’s tourist history.

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Another attraction, Kitulo Park, is highly attractive to bird watchers, inhabiting the country’s only population of Denham’s Bustard as residents of the park. It is best known for its diverse range of attractive flowers and several species of migratory birds that flock to the park each year. It is the first wildlife park in Africa to be established primarily for its rich flora. The park hosts one of the greatest floral spectacles of the world with 350 species of Vascular plants, including 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid.

The documentary producers have already devised a strategy then came up with the title of the film, which is “The Hidden Tanzania,” the President explained

Tanzania’s official tourism campaign, the Royal Tour, was presented by Peter Greenberg, featuring President Samia as his special guide in an amazing journey to promote tourism and investment prospects in Tanzania.

The Royal Tour documentary has helped to open up Tanzania and has attracted more visitors from various nations in the world, said Tanzania Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr. Pindi Chana.

The Southern Tourist Circuit has attracted a number of tourists, mostly visitors in Ruaha National Park which increased from 9,000 to 13,000 this year, said the Tourism Minister.

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