Tanzania Maasai Indigenous Comes Up with Osiligilai Traditional Osiligilai Maasai Lodge


The Osiligilai Traditional Lodge name is Oligilai Maasai Lodge.This new multi-million shilling upmarket lodge is being built nearly 90km Northeast of Arusha city in northern Tanzania, to cater for holidaymakers seeking to be close to the nature.

The 300 million worth stylish and eye-catching Osiligilai Traditional Lodge called Oligilai Maasai Lodge, stands out against the backdrop of 20 acres in the middle of the Africa’s highest Mountains of Meru and Kilimanjaro with awe-inspiring views.

With its traditional elegant architecture and furnishings reminiscent of the early 1920’s, the lodge could accommodate just 15 guests for now and targets foreigners and locals that are after exclusive luxury coupled with unparalleled landscape views.

Apart from giving the country the potential for its first world-renowned lodge, the owner is also linked an ambitious project to transform Ndinyika virgin vicinity, into an upcoming tourist hub for the visitors of Arusha and Kilimanjaro national parks.

An indigenous investor behind the Lodge, Mr William Kinua Mollel says his mission, apart from spurring economic activities in the Maasai indigenous community, is also to bring the tourists close to nature for them to cherish.

“We have used the traditional African building materials on our Lodge to offer the tourists a glimpse of nature” Mr Mollel says, stressing that some of the most magnificent sunsets can be enjoyed from the terraces of the Lodge.

He adds; “Whether you like to relax or to enjoy the serene and vastness of the Maasai steppe in one of our six comfortable and well-appointed bungalows, it is just one step out of your bed where Mt. Kilimanjaro and Meru will greet you with her snowy smile”.

Themed around traditionally circular African houses with special grass roofs, and decorated with Africa’s beads, woodcarvings and sculptures, the lodge harmonizes perfectly with its spectacular surroundings.

The drama however does not just stop with the great outdoors: it also flows through the split level interiors of the main building which all offer an unsurpassed generosity of space while somehow managing to combine an almost magically welcoming ambience of both warmth and cosiness supplemented by Maasai tradition wines and a variety of food options.

Chief Executive Officer for Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) Mr Sirili Akko commended the investor for the great idea, saying the Lodge would add value to the country’s tourism industry.

As an authentic Maasai lodge offers people from all over the world a unique and in-depth African bush experience.

Oligilai Traditional Lodge, Tanzania

Oligilai Traditional Lodge, Tanzania

The Maasai people themselves consider the lodge as an essential part of their area and like to warmly welcome tourists in their home place.

Samwel Shuwaka Mollel from nearby Kilima Simba vicinity said the lodge is a blessing to Maasai community as it would create numerous employment opportunities, transfer tourists dollars to the society and skills transfer.

Representing the Maasai elder’s council, Loibon Toonga Laizer who also a regulator of the native traditional values is optimistic that the investment would also promote the cultural tourism in the vicinity.

Nemburis Ndekero, Nashipai Launoni and Isaya Simon Laizer are among the staff of the lodge and proud to be part of the team to entrusted to realize the dream of serving the would be the lodge guests.

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