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How to survive in a zero commission world

The international federation of travel agencies, gathering over 70,000 agencies worldwide, is facing a topical moment in its history and has chosen TTG Incontri to start the change.

ARTA Canada president drops a bombshell: No such thing as...

At the recently concluded United Federation of Travel Agents’ Association’s annual congress, held in Kathmandu, Nepal, Mr.

eTN Inbox: Maloney cites ASTA’s accomplishments

I just finished reading today’s issue of eTurbo News and am writing to express my extreme displeasure with the negative—and frankly, untrue—way in which ASTA is portrayed in your opening letter.

US travel agent new nemesis: debit memos from US carriers

It used to be the case that travel agents made money off of selling airline tickets. Today, the airlines have found ways to reverse the game and are now making money off of travel agents.

Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report