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New airport tax in Zambia

National Airports Corporation has introduced an Infrastructure and Development charge in Zambia which is effective immediately.

Proflight Zambia hits the high notes

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Proflight Zambia has teamed up with the country’s hottest musical and celebrity talent to bring the fun into air travel.

New Victoria Falls City to beef up tourism

ZAMBIA (eTN) - During a ceremony at Victoria Falls Airport, Walter Mzembi, Minister of Tourism, stated that land had been allocated for a new Victoria Falls City.

New airline for Zambia

ZAMBIA (eTN) - A new airline is starting up in Zambia. This is exciting news as, at the moment, only Proflight offers flights within Zambia, and a little competition is always a good thing.

Zambia’s great Zambezi River offers fantastic tourist activities

ZAMBIA (eTN) - The beauty of Zambia’s great Zambezi River attracts tourists from all over the world for a myriad of water activities.

Zambia Wildlife Authority Director General relieved of his duties

In reports in the media this week, we were informed that Sylvia Masebo, Minister of Tourism, has dropped the Director General, Edwin Matokwani, and four directors from the Zambia Wildlife Authority (Z

Airport levy alright with Zambia airports

Zambia’s National Airports Corporation (NAC) announced the introduction of a levy to be paid by passengers, which is meant for infrastructure development, specifically for airports.

Currency control measures in Zambia

ZAMBIA (eTN) - When Sylvia Masebo visited Livingstone last week she was accompanied by Leonard Kalinde from the Bank of Zambia.

Zambia keen to promote domestic tourism

The Zambia government is keen to promote domestic tourism, but how is that going to happen? Domestic tourism can be either citizen or resident. Many residents visit the parks and go on holidays.

Zambia has potential for great growth

(eTN) - I am always on the Internet looking up travel information in our region. Last year, most of the information about Zambia was pretty boring.

Italian tourist to protest against Zambia Tourism Board at BIT2011

An Italian tourist who was swindled out of US$6,500 in Zambia said he will protest against Zambia at an international tourism exhibition in Italy next week.

Zambia and Zimbabwe battle for tourists

Victoria Falls is the breathtaking separator between the two countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa.