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Egyptian President orders tourist attractions’ upgrades to “reflect history and civilization of Egypt”

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 30, 2019 00:36

Egypt's President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi ordered upgrading tourist attractions nationwide, in a way that reflects the history and civilization of the country. This happened during the Sisi’s meeting with Prime ... Read More

Zahi Hawass promotes torism to Egypt in US

editor editor- June 10, 2011 05:54

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Minister of State for Antiquities, went to the United States to give a series of public lectures and to hold several press conferences in five different ... Read More

Egypt’s First Revolution Museum to come up on Zamalek Island

editor editor- December 23, 2009 03:04

Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni approved the Supreme Council of Antiquities’ (SCA) request to build a museum to commemorate the Egyptian revolution of July 1953. Read More

Discoveries at Naqlun

editor editor- December 14, 2009 06:08

A mission from the Polish Center of the Mediterranean Archaeology of Warsaw University unearthed a decorated clay vessel from a room in the Deir Malak Gubrail monastery in Naqlun, a ... Read More

Do mummies sweat?

editor editor- August 12, 2009 08:45

Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni has said the tomb of Haremhab, in the Valley of the King’s on Luxor’s West Bank, has been reopened following the installation of the state-of-the-art ... Read More

Archaeological cachette found in Egypt

editor editor- July 24, 2009 01:17

A new archaeological cachette was found early this week in the western area of the Egyptian museum. Read More

Egyptian museum opens exhibit on eve of Obama’s arrival

editor editor- June 5, 2009 04:02

In Cairo, a day before President Obama arrives to deliver his most important speech to the entire Arab World, the Egyptian museum opens a grand exhibition. Read More

Necropolis found in Faiyum village

editor editor- April 24, 2009 10:32

An ancient necropolis consisting of 53 rock-cut tombs dating back to the Middle (ca. 2061-1786 BC) and New (ca. 1569-1081 BC) Kingdoms and the 22nd Dynasty (ca. Read More

Valley of the Kings’ never-ending digs and surprises

editor editor- March 30, 2009 10:41

In November, 2007, a new chapter in the history of the Valley of the Kings began when the first all-Egyptian team ever to work at the site began excavations under ... Read More

New digs in Dahshur

editor editor- February 27, 2009 10:10

Four anthropoid wooden coffins, three wooden canopic jars, and four washabti boxes have been unearthed inside an unidentified burial shaft located in the northern area of the Ramesside tomb of ... Read More

Nobleman mummy found inside limestone sarcophagus

editor editor- February 13, 2009 04:05

Another important discovery was made Wednesday after Egypt's top archeologist unearthed a shaft tomb that held the remains of 30 ancient dwellers. Read More

Oldest mummies unearthed in Egypt

editor editor- February 10, 2009 06:11

Archaeologists with Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) have discovered a shaft tomb containing the remains of some thirty individuals at Saqqara. Read More

Lebanese antiquities smuggler nabbed in Egypt

editor editor- January 20, 2009 11:45

Egypt's Interpol apprehended antiquities trader Ali Aboutaam last week, said Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni. Aboutaam was accused of smuggling Egyptian antiquities out of the country. Read More

Giza Plateau facelift

editor editor- August 14, 2008 05:30

On August 11, the Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni inaugurated the first phase of the site management project for the Giza Plateau which includes the installation of electronic entrance gates, ... Read More

Chicago university discovers ancient Egyptian building at Edfu in Thebes

editor editor- June 20, 2008 09:27

An American archaeological mission from the University of Chicago has unearthed an administrative building and silos dating back to Dynasty 17 (c. 1665-1569 BC), as well as an older columned ... Read More

American archaeologists stumble upon Neolithic and Graeco-Roman finds in Fayoum, Egypt

editor editor- February 12, 2008 10:10

(eTN) - An American archaeological mission from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) unearthed an almost intact Neolithic settlement and the remnants of a Graeco-Roman village in Faiyum, while ... Read More

Ancient cat relic returns to Egypt

editor editor- January 23, 2008 11:09

(eTN) - The University Museum at Southern Illinois University in the United States handed over a Ptolemaic bronze cat reliquary to the Egyptian embassy in New York earlier this week. Read More