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Swoop: Cabin crew have right to choose their representation

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 27, 2019 23:50

Swoop, a Canadian ultra low-cost airline owned by WestJet, today issued the following statement from President Steven Greenway regarding the application for certification by the Canadian Union of Public Employees ... Read More

American Hotel & Lodging Association welcomes Washington State Appeals Court ruling

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 26, 2018 20:03

The Washington State Court of Appeals on Monday invalidated Seattle Initiative 124, a ballot measure passed in 2016 affecting hotel employees and guests. In American Hotel & Lodging Association, et ... Read More

United to flight attendants: We’ll give you raises but there is a catch

editor editor- April 6, 2010 05:29

MINNEAPOLIS — United Airlines said on Monday it would bring its flight attendants up to the pay scale of their counterparts at Continental Airlines in exchange for changes in work ... Read More