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More airlines providing Wi-Fi on their flights

As the globe has become increasingly outfitted with wi-fi hotspots and cell phone towers, the skies have long been the last refuge from constant connectivity.

Free Wi-Fi at Rembrandt Hotel

BANGKOK, Thailand - Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok is now offering complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Carriers slow to add in-flight Wi-Fi on international flights

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As competition expands among airlines to offer passengers the latest in-flight entertainment options, intercontinental routes have been slow to add Internet service.

On the move, online and in the know

BANGKOK, Thailand - We’re all aware that when traveling abroad it’s sometimes not possible or practical to rely on a mobile carrier’s roaming service for Internet access.

Furama Resort Danang extends Wi-Fi coverage to enhance guest experience

The Furama Resort Danang applies the most advanced high speed Wi-Fi in Vietnam to cover all areas of the resort grounds including the beach.

Alaska Airlines launches inflight Wi-Fi in the State of Alaska

SEATTLE - Alaska Airlines launched Aircell's Gogo® Inflight Internet service today on flights between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.

More inflight Wi-Fi offered by carriers

As Americans grow accustomed to being connected all the time, more broadband providers are filling in one of the few remaining dead zones—airplanes.

Alaska Airlines to offer Wi-Fi on all flights

SEATTLE — Alaska Airlines, a unit of Alaska Air Group Inc., said Wednesday it will join other airlines and offer Wi-Fi service on its flights.

Alaska Airlines resurrects the “nerd bird” route

Alaska Airlines resurrected today the popular "nerd bird" route, providing nonstop service between San Jose, California and Austin, Texas.

Tourists stay connected with free wi-fi in Paris

While Paris’ numerous parks are better known for flowers, statuary and PDA between young lovers than for technology, these days one is as likely to see couples surfing the internet as smooching in p

Virgin America completes installing Wi-Fi on fleet

Upstart airline Virgin America said Wednesday it has become the first carrier to offer Wi-Fi Internet service on every flight.

AirTran says all planes will have Wi-Fi by mid-summer

Now that airlines are getting serious about providing Internet access via Wi-Fi aboard airplanes, they're also in a race to get it first.

Southwest to begin testing in-flight Wi-Fi

Southwest Airlines, a pioneer in no-frills flying, said Monday it will begin testing in-flight Wi-Fi Internet.

United Airlines to offer inflight Wi-Fi on transcontinental flights

CHICAGO – United Airlines will begin offering inflight internet service to customers onboard its p.s.

Cover your eyes: Not all airlines will filter Wi-Fi

At first they demurred, saying the cabin crew could and should handle it.

Air Canada to offer live internet access to customers inflight

MONTREAL (September 9, 2008) - Air Canada intends to begin offering live internet service to customers inflight starting next spring under an agreement announced today with Aircell.

Southwest and American Airlines say broader testing of satellite and ground...

How would you like Wi-Fi on your flight: via ground antennae or satellite?That's the choice air passengers are likely to have later this year as progress in both systems was announced this week.Southwest Airlines on Wednesday said it is testing satellite-based service developed by Row 44. Southwest said it hopes to begin testing Internet service on four of its aircraft this summer.