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Tourism body Visit Wales needs culture shift

The promotion of tourism in Wales should be taken out of government hands and run by the industry itself, the Welsh Conservatives have said.

Welsh tourism official to sue Met Office over wrong weather forecast

A tourism boss is threatening to sue weather forecasters over the "gloomy" reports he claims are wrecking his business and costing the travel industry thousands.

Abandoned luxury cruise ship turns into giant, psychedelic canvas

Three monkeys dressed in suits crouch on bulging sacks of money, striking the symbolic pose of "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."

Venture beyond Olympic Stadium and find the real British Isles

London may be the center of attention this summer, but venture beyond the Olympic Stadium and you'll find the real British Isles, a world of ancient thatched cottages, monumental castles, elegant univ

One in four Brits has never been to Wales or Scotland

LONDON, England - With one million more Brits traveling this year, but spending 4% less on average (1,920 per household pounds Sterling)*, it is expected that more holidaymakers look closer to home wh

Missing US ‘Facebook tourist’ found in Wales

A US tourist who went missing after visiting Facebook friends in Wales has been found safe and well, say police.

Wales police searching for missing Facebook tourist

Police say they are concerned for the safety of a woman from the United States who has been missing since visiting Facebook friends in Wales.

Top Harry Potter locations not to be missed in UK

The eagerly anticipated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I hits theaters November 19, 2010.

Welsh tourism urged to brush up on all things Welsh

THOUSANDS of taxi drivers are being encouraged to take a crash course in all things Welsh ahead of the 2010 Ryder Cup.

Visitors enjoying warm Welsh hospitality

The latest tourism survey by Visit Wales suggests most visitors went away with a positive impression of the country.

Jail for tourist

An Australian tourist whose cash ran out yesterday began sampling Welsh hospitality of a different kind – in jail.

Anger as ‘rich tourists’ buy up beach huts

A community leader has reacted with fury to news that a beach hut has sold for a reported £85,000 in his coastal resort.

“Forget Detroit – try Riverside at night and get mugged by...

Let us travel now to sunny Florida where Mr Elmer J Fudd Jr. is perusing the latest brochure detailing the delights of Cardiff and South Wales.“Gee, Honey, looks like the real deal here. Place called Splott, claims more cracked pavements and potholes than anywhere outside Albania. Here’s another. Forget Detroit – try Riverside at night and get mugged by experts.”

Decision to scrap Wales Tourist Board ‘catastrophic’

THE Tories today described as “catastrophic” the decision of the Welsh Government to scrap the Wales Tourist Board.Shadow Wales minister David Jones said tourism in the country should be “promoted by properly qualified industry professionals and not by civil servants”.The functions of the Wales Tourist Board were taken over by the Welsh Assembly Government in 2006.

Taking Wales’ tourism to a new level

Having been 10 years in the making, this is the £110m holiday destination which claims it will take tourism in Wales to another level when it opens in June.