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Australian-based airlines to resume flights in New Zealand

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Australian-based airlines will resume almost all of their trans-Tasman and New Zealand domestic flights on Monday, according to local media on Sunday.

Iceland eruption frightful for tour operators

ICELAND (eTN) - The eruption which started in Grimsvotn Lakes in Vatnajokull glacier in the southeast of Iceland about 350 km from Reykjavik on Saturday night reminds many of last year's eruption in E

Tourists rescued as volcano erupts

(eTN) - About 700 people were evacuated as the Llaima volcano erupted in southern Chile, rocking the area with explosions and spewing lava and ash.The evacuees included about 200 tourists, National Forest Service employees and others in the surrounding Conguillio National Park, about 700 kilometres south of the capital, Santiago.