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ETOA launches survey about visa processing

ETOA opened its seminar program for 2012 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Brussels on the February 6.

Indian health tourism runs into visa wall

NEW DELHI, India - If Bangalore seems tough to reach, Bangkok will beep on the hospital radar.

New Egyptian visa restrictions slammed by tourism officials

Two tourism officials have criticized the new government's policy of halting issuing visas for foreign travelers into Egypt.

Pakistan targets US visitors for visa issues

Washington - In a long and detailed Travel Warning, the State Department Monday said the number of U.S.

Visa-shy tourists courted by Greek government

A joint initiative by Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas and Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Geroulanos aims to boost the flow of tourists into the debt-ridden country by facilitating the visa iss

Destination news: Russian tourists allowed to wait out wildfires in Greece

The Greek administration has let the Russian tourists to stay in Greece till September, because of very tight ecological situation caused by wild fires.

Japanese government to ease restrictions on Chinese tourist visas

TOKYO - The Japanese government plans to relax the restrictions on income conditions for granting visas to individual Chinese tourists as of July 1 in a bid to attract more Chinese to Japan, Kyodo New

Myanmar to offer tourist visas on arrival

Myanmar's military government will offer visas on arrival to boost the country's nascent tourism sector, a travel industry official said on Tuesday.

No visa-free entry to Israel for Ukrainians yet

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to postpone by one week coming to a decision on granting a visa exemption to Ukrainian tourists visiting Israel.

Restriction on US visas to HIV-positive tourists lifted

Washington - Foreign nationals who are HIV-positive will find it easier starting Monday to visit the United States.

Nigeria: US calling the country ‘security risk state’ is unfair

Tough times await Nigerian travellers to the United States as the US Transportation Security Administration has listed Nigeria and nine other countries as ‘security risk states.’

Visa on arrival for tourists from five nations

NEW DELHI - In a major boost for Commonwealth Games 2010, Indian government has introduced for the first time `visa on arrival' scheme for tourists from five countries from early next year.

South Africa denies it is limiting Nigerian visas

The South African (SA) government expressed its concern yesterday about the growing perception that it is limiting the number of Nigerian nationals wanting to visit SA for business and tourism purpose

Bulgaria winter tourist season to be salvaged by Bulgarians

It will be down to the Bulgarians themselves to salvage the winter tourist season, just as it happened in the summer, operators have warned.

Iran tourism experts denied UK visa

The UK Embassy's delay in issuing visas for staff of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization has led to the cancelation of Iran's tourism exhibit in London.

Brazil visas backlogged by new global processing system

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times' Daily Travel & Deal Blog, a new global processing system has sparked a slowdown in the issuance of Brazil visas, particularly at the understaffed Los An

US revokes diplomatic, tourist visas of Honduran officials

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — A Honduran official says the United States has taken away the diplomatic and tourist visas of 16 interim government officials.

UK tourists’ visas suspended by North Korea

North Korea has suspended visas for tourists from Britain, a Beijing-based travel agency said, citing the state-run travel company.

South Korea to introduce visa for medical tourists

SEOUL - The South Korean government is introducing a new category of visa for tourists who visit the country with medical purposes.

Japan to grant tourist visas to Chinese individuals

TOKYO - The Japanese government will start granting individual Chinese citizens tourist visas as of July this year to attract more Chinese sightseers to Japan, local media reported.

Tourist visa fees to be slashed by half

Visa fees for tourists visiting Kenya will be reduced by half starting next month.

Syria eases visa restrictions on Iraqi tourists

DAMASCUS, Syria - Syria's state-run news agency says Damascus is easing entry visa restrictions to Iraqi tourists after 17 months of strict regulations that barred most from entering.

Thai FM: Foreign tourists’ visa exemption effective

BANGKOK - Foreign tourists' visa exemption earlier approved by the Thai cabinet has been effective from March 5 to June 4, according to Tharit Charungvat, Director-General of the Department of Informa

Japan plans to allow Chinese tourists to visit individually: report

TOKYO - The government plans to allow Chinese tourists to visit Japan individually if they meet certain standards of affluence, Kyodo News reported Tuesday.

Thailand is considering waiving visa fees for tourists

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand is considering waiving visa fees for three months in a bid to revive its key tourism industry, which has been battered by political turmoil that culminated in the occupa

Canada defends Saudi policy of shunning tourists who visited Israel

The Canadian government has come to the defense of Saudi Arabia, telling The Jerusalem Post that the desert kingdom's policy of barring entry to Canadian citizens whose passports bear an Israeli visa

U.S. adds 7 countries to Visa Waiver Program

Amid a downturn in global tourism, a new U.S. travel rule is triggering optimism in the industry for more inbound visitors from several countries.

Representatives of Latvian travel industry don’t expect significant increase in number...

Representatives of travel industry in Latvia believe that no significant increase in the number of Latvian tourists to the United States will occur after the United States waives visas for Latvia, the

Taiwan set to provide landing visas to Chinese tourists

TAIPEI — Taiwan said Tuesday it plans to offer landing visas to Chinese tourists travelling to two Taiwanese-controlled islands off the mainland, in another goodwill gesture to Beijing.

“It is just an illusion of security, and not a very...

In an effort to compile statistics that might fire up officials in Washington, Crew Unlimited surveyed its clients on several aspects of U.S. customs and immigration.