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Can Sir Richard build a fourth global alliance?

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is linking its Virgin airlines together through frequent-flier programs, raising the question of whether the British entrepreneur can build a true global airline brand

V Australia to launch direct flights to South Africa

V Australia, Sir Richard Branson's Australian international airline, will launch direct flights between Johannesburg, South Africa and Melbourne, Australia beginning early next year.

Will Virgin fly in Russia?

MOSCOW - Virgin Group is in talks with a Russian company to set up a new local airline, Virgin owner Richard Branson said on Thursday, but analysts doubted he could overcome political obstacles to make it a reality."Now is the time for Virgin to come to Russia," Branson told reporters. "We are in discussions with a Russian partner. We will announce in three months who that partner will be."

Branson’s Virgin Group seeks approval to launch domestic airline in India

New Delhi, India - The U.K.'s Virgin Group is seeking permission from the Indian government to launch a domestic airline in the country, its chairman said Monday.«As a foreigner I'm not allowed to own a domestic airline ... I'm still lobbying to get permission to launch a domestic airline in India,» Richard Branson told reporters on the sidelines of a business meeting.