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Tag: violent crimes

Chinese travelers ‘harassed’: Beijing issues US travel warning

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- June 4, 2019 16:26

China has issued a travel warning to its citizens traveling to the US, citing reports that trade war tensions have seen Washington using its powers to “harass” Chinese travelers. The ... Read More

Avoiding dangerous vacations 2018

Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson- September 19, 2018 21:27

This is the sixth year that we have posted dangerous vacations destination information collected from news articles and reported law cases. Read More

Haiti among safest destinations in the Americas?

editor editor- January 5, 2013 07:13

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Haiti is one of the safest destinations; not just in the Caribbean, but throughout all the Americas. Read More

Tourists canceling trips after “Evil man from Krabi” video emerges

editor editor- November 9, 2012 07:43

Large numbers of tourists have cancelled their trips to Krabi province after a video clip emerged as a sign of protest against provincial authorities who gave bail to a man ... Read More