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Value of Australia’s tourism industry likely to top $100 billion

The value of the tourism industry to Australia's economy is likely to top $100 billion this year for the first time, research shows.

TripIndex reveals popular world cities where dollars go the distance

NEWTON, Mass. - TripIndex – a cost comparison of 50 key tourist cities around the world and 15 hotspots in the U.S., tracked against the U.S. dollar, has been launched today.

Travelers perceive value as combination of money, time and convenience

BOSTON - Smart Destinations today announced the results of its consumer survey, which explored the depth and breadth of travelers' research processes and purchase preferences and habits.

Getting best cruise value

The trick to finding cruise values is to think “contrarian.”

When loonie soars Canadian tourism dives

The soaring loonie is clipping Canada’s tourism industry.

Agoda offers superb value for Canton Fair 2010 delegates

Agoda.com, Asia's global hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline.com, is offering extraordinary value hotel rates for business travelers headed to the 107th Canton Fair.

Cape Town offers best value for 2010 FIFA World Cup visitors

Cape Town is set to offer the best value for money during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, according to the results of a month-long accommodation pricing survey carried out by Grant Thornton South Africa on M

London has made it into the top 10 world’s best-value destinations

Thanks to the tumbling value of the pound, a host of new cheap hotels and the free museums, London has made it into the top 10 world's best-value destinations.

What airline passengers value

In 2008, the majority of SeatGuru flyers took more than eight flights, and over 90 percent consider cabin cleanliness first when making a reservation.

CNN survey reveals Thailand offers best value in Asia Pacific region

CNN International today announced the results of its Online Consumer Survey (OCS) on travel and tourism, which reveals that Thailand was chosen as representing the best value for money for travelers i

The world’s best cruises, period

If you haven't taken a cruise in 30 years, you're in for a big surprise.

Portugal has established itself as the best value in Europe for...

Today's Lisbon is home to a thriving culture of fashion, music, food, and art, while remaining a meeting point for world businesses and travelers.

Strong first half 2008, indicates consumers are responding to cruising’s value...

Fort Lauderdale - The North American cruise industry’s economic impact in the United States grew by more than six percent in 2007, creating more than 350,000 jobs while generating $38 billion in tot

Thailand praised as safe, friendly and value packed as ever

As part of its launch campaign for its new drink V+ Veltins, one of Germany’s largest breweries, recently organized a spectacular holiday for 300 lucky prize winners at the five-star Centara Grand B

Iceland on sale

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (eTN) - Visitors to Iceland get twice as many Icelandic krona (ISK) for their currency compared to October last year.

Airlines have lost much of their market value

That's rarely been truer than right now, as most U.S. airline stocks are on a long slide and the best ones are measured by how little they've lost in value.

Silverjet chief defends strategy as airline’s value crashes to £11m

Investors who chose to sink their money into Silverjet – the all-business class airline based at Luton Airport – were no doubt reassured about the high-risk project by the track record of its chief executive, Lawrence Hunt.

US tourists getting less bang for their bucks

The US dollar used to be the universal tourist currency, accepted almost anywhere, from the streets of Hanoi to the plains of Africa. But the continued slide of the dollar against other currencies has led the greenback to be shunned in unexpected places, creating new problems for American travelers and pushing prices higher.