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Tag: US travel warning

China: US coronavirus travel warning ‘truly mean’

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 1, 2020 17:15

China has condemned the United States for issuing a travel warning against for virus-stricken country, calling the US action “truly mean.” “The World Health Organization urged countries to avoid travel ... Read More

US Embassy warns Americans in Israel of rocket attacks and ‘security incidents’

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 6, 2020 22:26

The US Embassy in Jerusalem, on Monday, urgently warned the Americans in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza to “remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness,” ... Read More

Chinese travelers ‘harassed’: Beijing issues US travel warning

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- June 4, 2019 16:26

China has issued a travel warning to its citizens traveling to the US, citing reports that trade war tensions have seen Washington using its powers to “harass” Chinese travelers. The ... Read More

US Travel Warning: Leave Iraq or prepare for funeral

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- May 15, 2019 08:08

Today the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Baghdad ordered a partial evacuation of their American staff.  In the meantime, the travel warning for Americans wanting to visit Iraq reads: Do ... Read More

Belgian tourist missing in Himalayas found dead with her head cut off

editor editor- June 28, 2012 09:26

A female hiker who went missing in the Himalayas was found ten days later with her head cut off. Debbie Maveau, 23, was discovered beneath a hiking trail. Read More

US travel warning`s lifting to increase tourist visiting to Indoensia

editor editor- May 27, 2008 04:22

Jakarta - The lifting of a US travel warning on Indonesia is expected to help increase the number of US tourist arrivals in the country in 2008, a presidential spokesman ... Read More