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UK Tourism: Record visits and spending from the USA

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 8, 2020 00:25

Latest figures from VisitBritain, Britain’s national tourism agency, show there were a record number of visits from the US to the UK during the first nine months of 2019. The ... Read More

How American travelers plan their vacation?

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 17, 2020 19:32

Americans take on average 4.4 trips per year. Now imagine what that number could be if they used all of their vacation days instead of accruing unused PTO. According to ... Read More

Americans not coming: Cuba fails to meet 2019 tourist goals

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 20, 2019 01:36

The expectations of the Cuban authorities that at least 5 million tourists will visit the island in 2019 did not come true: by the end of the year only a ... Read More

Rip-off Greek-style: US tourists charged $937 for simple lunch at Mykonos restaurant

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 25, 2019 19:05

DK Oyster restaurant on the Greek tourist island of Mykonos charged American tourists 830 euros ($937) for six portions of calamari, six beers and three salads. Greek tax inspectors who ... Read More

Iconic red Routemaster bus to feature at WTM London 2019

editor editor- May 14, 2019 23:28

An iconic red London bus will take centre stage in the UK & Ireland area of WTM London 2019. Buyers looking to include unique tours of the capital in their itineraries will ... Read More

US tourists vanish in Dominican Republic between hotel and airport

editor editor- April 8, 2019 18:42

American tourists, Orlando Moore, 43, and Portia Ravenelle, 32, were set to return to their Mount Vernon, New York, home on March 27, at the end of a vacation in ... Read More

“Tour operator” fleeces US tourists of $20K, arrested by Uganda’s Tourism Police

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 26, 2019 17:20

Tourism Police on the morning of Friday, January 25, arrested a quack tour operator who had fleeced a family of American tourists that had paid for a 15-day safari in ... Read More

Hawaiian Airlines: Honolulu – Guam?

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- October 20, 2017 01:51

Guam is trying hard to establish itself as a tourism destination not only for Korea, Japan, China, Russia, and Australia, but also as a domestic destination. But flights from Honolulu ... Read More

Jamaica’s tourist arrivals decline

editor editor- November 10, 2012 02:24

Janaican government on Wednesday admitted that there has been a decline in visitor arrivals since last month, and attributed this to the passage of Hurricane Sandy which affected sections of ... Read More

Chinese tourists outnumber US visitors in New Zealand

editor editor- October 20, 2012 02:55

It is the year of the dragon for Chinese tourists coming to New Zealand with numbers up almost 40 percent in the year to September. Read More

Number of US tourists to Central America growing

editor editor- August 30, 2012 06:46

The latest numbers from the US government’s Office of Travel and Tourism Industry (OTTI) show that overseas travel by Americans is growing in in all of the eight regions it ... Read More

NTDC promises unprecedented boom in tourists traffic from USA

editor editor- August 15, 2012 08:30

The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation has assured that Nigeria would soon experience unprecedented boom in tourists traffic from the United States of America following reports that more than 70 Read More

Egyptian Bedouin release kidnapped American tourists

editor editor- July 18, 2012 08:41

Two American tourists who were being held hostage by an Egyptian Bedouin have reportedly been released. Read More

Bedouin tribesmen kidnap two American tourists in Sinai

editor editor- July 14, 2012 07:50

CAIRO, Egypt - Bedouin tribesmen, seeking the release of an imprisoned kinsman, kidnapped two U.S. tourists in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday, security sources said. Read More

Israeli security uses Gestapo techniques to harass US tourists

editor editor- June 6, 2012 08:49

US citizens say that they were detained and harassed by Israeli Shin Bet security upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Read More

Abu Dhabi tourism opens dedicated promotion office in New York

editor editor- May 18, 2012 05:21

NEW YORK — In a bid to attract tourists from the United States, the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority opened a dedicated promotion office in New York City. Read More

US international travel for February year-to-date 2012 up six percent

editor editor- May 12, 2012 05:17

February Year-to-Date (2012/2011) Comparisons U.S. travel to overseas markets(1) markets reached 3.8 million, up 13 percent in the first two months. Regional results were: Read More

Tourism seminar for US marketing held in Tanzania

editor editor- January 18, 2012 09:43

The President of North America's National Tour Association (NTA) Lisa Simon is visiting Tanzania to share views with tour operators and other tourist business stakeholders on best approaches to penetr Read More

Western tourists in Bangkok warned of possible terror attacks

editor editor- January 14, 2012 05:34

British tourists were warned today to beware of possible attacks targeting westerners in Thailand after police thwarted a terror plot in Bangkok. Read More

US tourist hurt in New Zealand road rage attack

editor editor- January 12, 2012 05:55

A road rage attack on an American cyclist in Wellington has been condemned as an embarrassment to New Zealand. Read More

Tanzanian seminar to explore US tourism markets

editor editor- January 12, 2012 04:40

TANZANIA (eTN) - Looking for best approaches to attract more American tourists, Tanzania tourist stakeholders are set to meet next week at a travel seminar aimed at learning strategies for ... Read More

US travel abroad declined in 2010

editor editor- November 11, 2011 08:01

The overall U.S. outbound market totaled 60.3 million in 2010, down two percent compared to 2009. Read More

Two US tourists abducted in Philippines

editor editor- July 13, 2011 06:17

MANILA, Philippines - About 14 heavily armed men believed to be Abu Sayyaf militants abducted two US tourists, a 50-year-old woman and her son, while they were visiting their relatives ... Read More

With euro sliding, US tourists may get a break at Oktoberfest 2010 in Munich

editor editor- May 27, 2010 03:13

Munich’s Oktoberfest will charge 2.5 percent more for beer this year on average, though U.S. Read More

Tourism New Zealand hopes Next Top Model episode will attract US tourists

editor editor- April 30, 2010 04:46

An episode of America's Next Top Model, shot in New Zealand, which screened in the US last night, is part of a push to attract more tourists from the United ... Read More

London, Rome and Paris are top international destinations for US travelers in 2010

editor editor- February 12, 2010 05:54

With US leisure and business travelers factoring in value and price for their travel plans at the start of 2010, London and European favorites -- Rome and Paris lead hotel ... Read More

US tourists trampled to death by elephant in Kenya

editor editor- January 7, 2010 02:40

An American tourist and her one-year-old child have been trampled to death by an elephant in Kenya, officials say. Read More

“Come back to Ireland” campaign to blitz US

editor editor- December 28, 2009 01:41

An Irish tourism campaign will blitz U.S. television networks, newspapers and websites with ads to bring Americans back to Ireland. Read More

India tightens rules for US tourists with long-term visas

editor editor- December 16, 2009 04:27

In an apparent response to the David Headley episode, the Indian Government has, for the first time, imposed certain restrictions on American citizens visiting the country. Read More

Tourism NZ banks on celebrity appeal to lure US tourists

editor editor- November 30, 2009 06:13

Tourism New Zealand chief executive George Hickton says the tourism marketing spend in the North American market will be more than doubled to about $10 million. Read More

Castro: Cuba’s swine flu ‘from US tourists’

editor editor- November 2, 2009 06:41

Cuba's former leader, Fidel Castro, has blamed the growth in swine flu on an increase in US visitors to the island. Read More

Clinton urges Iranians to locate US tourists

editor editor- August 4, 2009 03:07

The US secretary of state has appealed to Iran for information on three Americans arrested after apparently straying across the Iraqi border. Read More

US tourists likely to stay home due to passport rule

editor editor- June 7, 2009 07:01

Tourist-related businesses expect a quieter summer, especially along the Canada-U.S. border with the new passport rule. Read More

Swine flu arrives in Turkey: 6 tourists in quarantine

editor editor- May 18, 2009 03:35

A US tourist arriving in Turkey with the Dutch KLM airlines has been identified as having swine flu. His mother has also been diagnosed as carrying the H1N1 virus. Read More

Tourists return chip of Colosseum

editor editor- May 8, 2009 05:42

Two US tourists who chipped off a piece of the Colosseum in Rome 25 years ago have returned it - along with an apology for taking it. Read More