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Northwest passenger had tuberculosis, airline says

A passenger on Northwest Airlines Corp. Flight 51 from Frankfurt to Detroit on March 10 was found to have tuberculosis, the airline said today.

Indian worker’s ordeal ends as airline agrees to fly him home

RIYADH — An Indian expatriate from Dhahran was allowed to board a flight home yesterday, ending a monthlong ordeal that began when he collapsed at the airport in Bahrain on May 12.“The airline has flown Kumar back to India,” said Abdul Razak, spokesman for Qatar Airways in Riyadh.

Authorities Tracking Down Airline Passengers Amidst Tuberculosis Scare

(eTN) - Authorities are tracking down American Airline passengers in over a dozen states that sat near a California woman sick with tuberculosis.Officials with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the 30-year-old Sunnyvale woman boarded an American Airlines flight in New Delhi, India Dec. 13, and flew to San Francisco with a stop in Chicago.