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Dollar hike should not reduce demand from Brazilian tourists for US...

Leonel Rossi Jr., VP of International Affairs of ABAV, said the dollar appreciation should not result in retracted demand from Brazilians for U.S. destinations during the July vacations.

United States is favorite holiday destination for UK lottery winners

LONDON, England - Nearly a third of UK lottery millionaires looking to get away after a jackpot win are likely to book a holiday to the United States, according to a recent study of past winners' spen

Chinese tourism: US must simplify visa application procedures

The United States policy to simplify visa application procedures for Chinese tourists has encouraged travel businesses, but Chinese tourism experts have urged the US side to take more substantial step

New bill to make US visa process easier for international visitors

WASHINGTON - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S.

Canadians drive to US for cheaper airline tickets

An increasing number of Canadians are driving to the United States to take advantage of cheaper airline tickets says data released from the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) 2011 Canadian Travel Inten

Tourism news: Over 2 million Chinese tourists to visit US by...

NANJING - Over 2 million Chinese tourists are expected to visit the United States, and 3 million U.S.

Come visit, U.S. localities urge foreigners

LONDON - The weak dollar has made shopping sprees in America a bargain for many international visitors. Still, besides favored destinations like New York, many places in the United States are having a hard time attracting foreign tourists and their euros, pounds and yen.