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Disabled travelers seek more options

LONDON, England - As of 2011, there were 11 million people who were differently able or living with a disability, long-term illness or impairment in Great Britain.

JetBlue and Singapore Airlines launch new interline agreement

NEW YORK and SINGAPORE - JetBlue Airways and Singapore Airlines today announce the launch of a new interline agreement that will offer customers new travel options from JetBlue destinations in the Uni

Brazil identified as one of the emerging markets for Caribbean destinations

(eTN) - Brazil has being identified as one of the emerging markets that Caribbean tourism stakeholders believes can make a major difference once the correct marketing strategies are put in place.

United Airlines launches sale on travel options

United Airlines has launched a sale on its travel options.

Perkins: Cruising will remain a ‘best buy’ for 2008

I see more problems than solutions for travel in 2008.I'm no Alan Greenspan, but my take on the economy is troublesome. Continued high oil prices, federal budget squeezes, erosion of good, middle-class jobs, mortgage problems, and the weak dollar add up, for me, to a very cautious outlook for the year. And that outlook will mean a slowdown in travel by ordinary Americans.