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Pope Francis tours launched in Buenos Aires

You can see the streets where he grew up and played soccer, the church where Jorge Bergoglio prayed as a teenager and the cathedral where the man who would become Pope Francis said Mass.

Don’t just travel, take a legendary journey

Legendary Journeys, America's cruise, tour, and cruise-tour specialists, provides travelers with special discounts for any of the world's major cruise lines and tour operators.

Why stay home when there are so many countries out there...

For each month there's a perfect city, and conversely each city can be best enjoyed in a specific month. Here's a yearlong guide to the when, where and why:

US Mint closes public tour at Philadelphia plant

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The United States Mint announced today that the public tour at its production plant in Philadelphia is closed for renovations.

Don’t just travel, take a legendary journey

Legendary Journeys, America's cruise, tour, and cruise-tour specialists, provides travelers with special discounts for any of the world's major cruise lines and tour operators.

Voyages Jules Verne launches new Classic Journeys 2011 and 2012 brochure

LONDON, England - Voyages Jules Verne has announced the launch of its Classic Journeys 2011 and 2012 brochure, featuring a host of travel ideas including tours, cruises, trains, resorts and weekends.

UK tourists in Israel urged to take a dip into politics

Brits holidaying in Israel are being urged to leave the hotel and take a dip into politics with a day trip to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Richard Branson turning his attention to submarine tourism

He once promised to send man to outer space and now entrepreneur and daredevil Richard Branson is turning his attention to another of the world's greatest undiscovered surfaces, in the shape of the se

Crystal Cruises expands Jewish culture exploration in 2011

HONG KONG – With increased participation in Jewish heritage tours, luxury seafarer Crystal Cruises is expanding its related programming in 2011.

Sri Lanka Navy goes into tourist business

The Sri Lanka Navy has started a tourist ferry service to watch whales along the southern coastal areas from today.

Top Harry Potter locations not to be missed in UK

The eagerly anticipated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I hits theaters November 19, 2010.

CLIA: Shore tours key to building repeat cruise business

Is a shore excursion reason enough to take a cruise?

Treasure hunting on the Maltese Islands

"Malta Treasure Hunts is the new, fun way to discover and tour the islands and see what they have to offer," said Terence Mirabelli, managing director of Island Publications, a Mosta-based travel indu

Roadtrips Inc. cooks up Michelin-themed culinary tours

GREENVILLE, SC – Culinary enthusiasts now have the unique opportunity to take one-of-a-kind, Michelin-themed trips around the world.

Australian Jenolan Caves National Park offers tours in Klingon language

A popular sightseeing destination in Australia is boldly going where no tourist attraction has gone before - by offering audio tours in the Klingon language.

Independence is the main objective in South Sudan

(eTN) - With less than 6 months to go towards the scheduled referendum, in which the Southern Sudanese population can at last decide on their own destiny, more and more hints begin to emerge over the

Mombasa hit by freak rainstorm

(eTN) - A downpour of biblical proportions hit Mombasa, Kenya’s coastal city, last weekend, flooding sections of the city – a phenomenon, considering that the city actually is built on an island c

Bodies of two Hungarian tourists from Duck boat crash recovered

PHILADELPHIA, PA — A tourist boat operator says it is sending out some boats that had been docked after a barge crashed into one of its boats in a river in Philadelphia,

TourCrafters produces Italy Wine Tours & Tastings brochure

LIBERTYVILLE, Illinois - TourCrafters, the Italy specialist known for good-deal tours and packages, has produced a new online brochure: Winery Tours & Tastings All Over Italy.

Bike tours are a fun, informative, and healthy way to see...

Some travelers are surprised when I tell them to consider biking in Europe. I explain that it's not only a cheap way to travel, but it gets you close to the ground and close to the people.

Rwanda gorilla report raises tourism questions

(eTN) A report released by the American Journal for Primatology, coinciding with the

Cape tourists looking to go out and see ’Jaws’

When great white sharks arrived off the Cape last year, "our phones went crazy with people looking to go out and see 'Jaws,' " Keith Lincoln of Monomoy Island Ferry said.

Finding the right tour or excursion for special needs travel

Are you a traveler with a special need looking to add an excursion or tour to your cruise vacation plans? Perhaps you are simply a slow walker.

Asian Trails proposes another vision of Bangkok

It might be an eyesore of the Thai goverment, but it cannot be denied its existence.

Tour operators rush to offer trips over Eyjafjallajokull volcano

Not many trips can still be described as true, once-in-a-lifetime adventures but travellers who have signed up to visit the Fimmvörðuháls volcano on the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, which dramatically

TourCrafters offers English- and Russian-speaking Italy tours

Italy is everybody's favorite country including, it seems, Russian-speaking Americans.

Forget Hollywood! How about L.A. Gang Tours?

While Los Angeles already has bus tours of celebrities' homes, which you'll notice through the Hollywood area, a new company is offering tours of gang-turf throughout South Central, Los Angeles.

El Salvador’s guerrilla tourism

As a teenager, Leonor Marquez led a fleet-footed unit of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) guerrilla fighters through the steep mountain passes of Perkin, El Salvador.

Christmas tree lightings, candlelight nights, holiday home tours and shopping, shopping,...

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style, in the air there's a feeling of Christmas.

Tanzania among first destinations included in the “Discovery Adventures” launch

Discovery Communications, a leading nonfiction media company and parent to Discovery Channel, in their first foray into the travel category, partnered with Toronto-based GAP Adventures to launch a ser