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Tourists trickling back to crisis-hit Cyprus

After Cyprus's bloated banking sector was hit by a body blow this spring, sending the economy further into recession, cut-price summer holiday offers are attracting tourists but not the spending neede

Strong earthquake rocks tourist island Crete, Greece

A strong 5,8 earthquake was measured in Greece Sunday night.

What makes a great beach bar?

Anyone can stick up a shack on the sand, stock it with beers and call it a beach bar. But what makes a great beach bar? Read this on CNN:

Arab tourism sector still recovering from Arab Spring

The Arab tourism sector has recorded a $ 15 billion loss as a result of the Arab Spring, in addition to the loss of around 10 million tourists, according to Bandar Al-Fuhaid, director of the Arab Tour

Midnight sun never sets in Norway

OSLO, Norway - Make the most of your holiday this summer - go to Norway where the sun never sets.

Pope Francis tours launched in Buenos Aires

You can see the streets where he grew up and played soccer, the church where Jorge Bergoglio prayed as a teenager and the cathedral where the man who would become Pope Francis said Mass.

Nepal Airlines plane with tourists crashes near Kathmandu

A plane carrying tourists has crashed during landing at a mountain strip in northern Nepal.

Tourists go on gold buying spree in UAE

DUBAI, UAE - Gold, in any form, has now emerged the favored souvenir for visitors to the UAE, as they try to take full advantage of the volatility the metal prices have had since the second-half of Ap

Tourism: Improving local or internal marketing

Tourism is not only the world's largest industry, but also often its most misunderstood. Many people outside of the industry believe that tourism professionals are on a permanent vacation.

China’s top legislature passes new tourism law

BEIJING, China - The new tourism law, adopted by China's top legislature on Thursday, is good news for both tourists and businesses.

New Zealand tourism chiefs vow to “hunt as a pack”

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Tourism leaders will "hunt as a pack" to bring extra visitors to the country, Tourism Industry Association chief executive Martin Snedden said today.

Korea introduces tourist trains to explore mountainous and rural areas

SEOUL, Korea - To Koreans, Baekdu-daegan, nicknamed the "spine of the Korean Peninsula," is not just a chain of mountains running across the country.

San Francisco Travel Association welcomes visitors with eco-friendly street banners

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - When visitors to San Francisco see the colorful new banners on display around Moscone Center, they’ll know the city is welcoming them.

Walking and activities are a vital part of Scottish tourism

With spring on its way, more people may be turning to what Scotland has to offer in terms of nature and outdoor holidays. This year has been designated the "Year of Natural Scotland".

New Zealand cracks down on sale of fake goods to tourists

Two New Zealand companies run by a father and son have been slapped with big fines after selling faked goods that cost little to produce to tourists for thousands of dollars.

Philippine government: Holy Week tourists safe in Boracay

BORACAY, Philippines - The government said today that security measures are in place to ensure the safety of tourists who will be spending the Holy Week here.

7ft alligator on the lose at Spanish resort

Police in Spain are warning tourists to watch out for a 7ft alligator they have dubbed “The Costa Croc”.

Minister: Time for St. Kitts to revise its Tourism Strategy

ST. KITTS AND NEVIS - Tourism and International Transport Minister Hon. Richard Skerritt told industry stakeholders at a National Consultation that it was time for St.

Dengue Fever outbreak reported from Kenya coast

(eTN) - Health officials were quoted in a local daily newspaper in Kenya, confirming at least 15 cases of Dengue Fever at the Kenya coast, but were swift to point out that the disease was ‘imported

Krabi authorities warn tourists to be wary of ill-behaved monkeys

BANGKOK, Thailand - Authorities have put up signs on popular beaches in Krabi province, warning tourists to be wary of ill-behaved, hungry monkeys, a Thai Rath report said on Tuesday.

Ireland expecting €50 million windfall from St. Patrick’s weekend

DUBLIN, Ireland - St. Patrick's weekend is set to deliver a €50m tourism bonanza.

Fiji torture and beatings may put a damper on tourism

The brutal beating and torture of prisoners in Fiji, captured on video, could prove a turn off for tourists thinking about heading to the country, a New Zealand MP warns.

The new breed of tourists: the Flashpackers

There is no doubt that the overall tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka have shown YOY growth in the past few years. Almost all hotels are returning healthy revenue, occupancy and profitability figures.

Tourists in Kenya warned about possible election violence

Tourists have been advised to stay away from Kenya’s beaches after it emerged that gangs of young men have been training in forest camps to disrupt Monday’s election.

Tourism officials: Las Vegas is safe, despite all recent shootings and...

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Three people were killed and at least six more injured after an unidentified individual in a black Range Rover opened fire on the occupants of a Maserati.

Second armed attack on Italian tourists raise alarm in Malindi

(eTN) - Two armed attacks, using guns and machetes, on the Italian holiday community in Malindi, have raised the alarm of targeted violence against this Indian Ocean municipality’s most numerous vis

Human rights group: Belarus should “sell” dictatorship to tourists

NEW YORK, N.Y. - "Do you want to experience dictatorship first hand? Do you want to see how it is to live without free press, free speech, or free elections?

Tourism lobby: Bangkok governor must ensure safety, convenience, comfort for tourists

BANGKOK, Thailand - The next Bangkok governor should ensure cleanliness and safety, convenience and comfort for visitors, private tourism operators say.

Egypt moves to restrict sale of alcohol

This week the government – led by Mohamed Morsi of the Freedom and Justice Party, which has strong links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood – said it will no longer issue licenses to sell alcohol