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Second Iranian tour group arrives in Upper Egyptian city of Aswan

The second Iranian tour group to visit Egypt in decades arrived in the country on Friday, two months after the arrival of a first group that had raised the ire of ultra-conservative Sunni-Muslim Salaf

1700 individual tourists and 38 tour groups evacuated from quake-hit region

BEIJING, China - Over 1,700 individual tourists and 38 tour groups in Southwest China's Ya'an city have been evacuated safely after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the region on Saturday, tourism autho

Chinese visitors to leave Philippines by May 16

BEIJING, China - Chinese tourists in the Philippines will return home as their trips conclude by May 16 as scheduled, according to China's tourism administration.

Hong Kong to raise tour group fees

The stamp duty and charges for inbound mainland tour groups will likely be increased to finance new regulations for the travel industry.

Hong Kong extends ban on group tours to Bangkok

Hong Kong has extended a ban on tour groups travelling to Bangkok as serious flooding continued to threaten the Thai capital.

Taiwan reiterates China single-tourist plan

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairwoman Lai Shin-yuan yesterday reiterated a government plan to open the country to individual Chinese tourists this year.

Angry Hong Kong tour guides decry new policy

Hong Kong's new one-guide, one-tour policy will drastically reduce income, say over 1,000 tour guides, who staged a protest against it.

Hong Kong issues black travel alert for Philippines

The Hong Kong government has issued a black travel alert to the Philippines, urging local residents to avoid all travel to the country.