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Blair denounces abuse of religion for political ends

At the recently concluded regional summit by the World Travel & Tourism Council in Seoul, South Korea, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that what called the “honest truth” about c

You have to change or get left behind, Blair tells WTTC...

SEOUL (eTN) – The former prime minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Tony Blair, delivered this year’s keynote address for the second regional summit by the World Travel & Tourism C

Tony Blair: Governments have 3 years to deliver progress or face...

Dead Sea, Jordan – Translating the political changes of the Arab Spring into improvements in people’s lives is the greatest challenge facing governments in the region today.

Blair visit puts Sierra Leone on tourist map. Where next, Iraq?

Sierra Leone is emerging as a new destination for adventurous travellers, with Tony Blair visiting this week to raise the country's profile in the tourism market and UK operators beginning to offer ho

Bethlehem: Safe for Tony Blair and Israelis, too

BETHLEHEM, Palestine (eTN) - Last Tuesday, Bethlehem received a distinguished guest at one of its hotels, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was on his first night in Bethlehem.