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The 2010 Renaissance: Tijuana/Baja California

“Why go there? You’ll find no one but drug lords and other bad guys.” This is so yesterday!

New police force focused on tourism ready for Baja

A new police department has been created in Baja California to protect and serve tourism in the Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada corridor.

Tijuana, saying tourists are safe, invites them to participate in 120th...

A city has to try to survive amid a devastating tourism scare caused by a violent drug war, travel alerts and oft-sensational media reports -- and Tijuana is trying.

Tourists proceed with caution

Is it safe to visit the Tijuana region? There is no simple, single answer. Much like travel anywhere in the world, it depends on who you are, where you're going, and what you're doing.

Mexican border states aim to revive tourism

TIJUANA - Badly hit by declining tourism revenues, Mexico's northern border states are joining forces with Mexico's federal government in a plan to revive the region.

Tijuana – once a tourist paradise is now a battlefield hell

TIJUANA, Mexico - Massive gunbattles broke out between suspected drug traffickers who fired at each other while speeding down heavily populated streets of this violent border city early Saturday, killing 13 people and wounding nine.

Tijuana tourism halved by kidnapping scares

A wave of kidnappings in Mexico has halved the number of tourists visiting the country's most famous popular destination and left foreigners working in the country terrified for their families.

A real Tijuana hangover

TIJUANA - Marcos Rojas, a waiter at Mr. Tequila Restaurant, roams the Plaza Viva Tijuana, eager to pour double shots for partying tourists. This downtown gateway used to be crowded with Southern California day-trippers, Midwestern families and busloads of German and Japanese tourists.