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Enjoying Oahu on $10 or less

HONOLULU, Hawaii - It's honeymooners' heaven and a surfer's dream. It's America's most remote capital and perhaps its most exotic.

Hong Kong’s glittering sprawl captivates visitors

With its intense urban center and outlying natural beauty, Hong Kong's intriguing, paradoxical nature beckons you to come for a visit.

15 free things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo has a reputation as an expensive city, but it offers a wide range of options for even the most budget-conscious traveller. Here is a list of great free things to do in Japan’s capital.

What to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and stunning wildlife, has long been a peaceful haven in Latin America for US tourists - but now, it seems that the rest of the world is getting

Tourists beware: if it is fun, Italy has a law against...

In addition to the usual perils of sunburn, jellyfish attacks and bottom-pinching, holidaymakers in Italy face a new range of menaces this summer, the result of the Berlusconi government's frontal ass

The before-you-cruise checklist

So you booked a cruise. Can't wait to go? Great! You're likely have a wonderful time, given the cruise industry's high satisfaction rating among passengers.

Ten tips for New York tourists

Don't be intimidated by the big crowds and bigger buildings. New York can be a friendly and manageable city for visitors if you heed some of this time-tested advice.

Ten tips for Boston tourists

When you're in Boston, it's tempting to test out the local-speak. But Bostonians strongly advise against it. Here are some other insider tips for making your visit as enjoyable as possible: