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Texas Supreme Court and Hawaii state court side with online travel...

WASHINGTON, DC - Online travel companies (OTCs) cheered two major legal victories this week, as the Texas Supreme Court and a Hawaii state court affirmed that OTCs are not liable for lodging taxes on

Texas Supreme Court and Hawaii state court side with online travel...

WASHINGTON, DC - Online travel companies (OTCs) cheered two major legal victories this week, as the Texas Supreme Court and a Hawaii state court affirmed that OTCs are not liable for lodging taxes on

Overseas investment in Indian airline sector

NEW DELHI, India - Though the government may have allowed foreign carriers to invest in cash-strapped domestic airlines, it is unlikely to usher in benefits unless issues of high-taxes and infrastruct

Airlines ask Africa to review “complex” structure of its taxes and...

Africa has been asked to review the "complex" structure of its taxes and fees imposed by service providers to enable airlines in the continent exploit the existing growth potential.

Airline industry warns “super committee” about raising taxes

WASHINGTON – Lobbyists for America’s senior citizens, oil companies and airlines had a message Sunday for the special joint congressional committee trying to forge a comprehensive deficit reductio

Court affirms decision for online travel companies in occupancy tax dispute

WASHINGTON - The Texas 14th Court of Appeals yesterday affirmed that online travel companies (OTCs) pay all of the taxes that they are legally required to, and that the City of Houston and the Harris

UK: The end of “cheap flight” is near

Families in Northern Ireland are facing record fare rises as airlines pass on rocketing fuel costs and soaring taxes, it has emerged.

Kenya seeks review of punitive travel taxes

Kenya wants the United Nations World Tourism Organization to intervene and help end travel conditions by western states that act as barriers to growth of the tourism industry in developing countries.

New taxes on air travel opposed by IATA

NEW DELHI, India - As Indian carriers protest the proposed hike in service tax on air travel, global airlines body IATA has said such taxes would compromise the industry's ability to maintain margins

UK tourism: Government let industry down

UK tourism chiefs have accused the ConDems of missing a golden opportunity to create 236,000 jobs by boosting ­Britain’s holiday trade.

Edinburgh union leaders want to tax city tourists

A tax on tourists in Edinburgh during peak times such as the festival would help soften the blow of funding cuts, according to trade union leaders.

Amid budget cuts Dutch taxmen go after prostitutes

Amid budget cuts and falling revenues, the Dutch government has warned prostitutes who advertise their wares in the famous windows of Amsterdam's red light district to expect a business-only visit fro

Indian tourism body calls for development of infrastructure, logical taxation

The Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), the apex body of the travel and tourism industry, has recommended vigorous development of infrastructure, logical taxation and creation of land banks f

Harry Potter works magic on tourist development tax

Harry Potter has worked its magic on the county's tourist development tax, pushing the collections up dramatically from a year ago.

Ryanair threatens to withdraw from Germany tax on domestic air travel...

Budget airline Ryanair has threatened to withdraw planes from Germany following the recent announcement by the country’s coalition government of plans to introduce a tax on domestic air travel.

US Travel Association: Tourism saves taxpayers money

WASHINGTON, DC - According to the U.S.

US Senators: We will force any airline that charges for carryon...

ATLANTA — Six Democratic senators want to tax any U.S. airline that wants to charge passengers for their carryon bags.

Indian airlines to pass on new burden to passengers

Mumbai - Air travel is likely to become more expensive as domestic carriers deal with the double blow of an expanded service tax regime and a levy on crude imports from 1 April.

New Zealand tourism faces GST backlash

International visitors will pay an extra $20 million in GST if the tax is raised to 15 per cent, and the extra cost will hurt, the tourist industry says.

Judge: No $21.3M from online travel companies for Anaheim

ANAHEIM – A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has overturned an earlier ruling that would have given Anaheim $21.3 million in back taxes and penalties from online travel companies such as Expedia and

Holiday taxes will hit inbound tourism

Increased taxes on travel will discourage visitors to Britain as people avoid paying them.

Online travel industry claims win despite jury award to Texas cities

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Nearly a dozen popular online hotel booking services were hit with a verdict from a Texas jury recently, but the industry is still calling it a victory.

Jamaica’s business leaders call for one rate tax

Kingston, Jamaica - Business leaders suggested yesterday that Government abandon its complicated import duty structure and charge a flat rate of 10 per cent on all imports in order to increase revenue

Alaska: Shooting itself in the foot

It's a tough year for Alaska's tourism firms. The forebodings earlier this year, of 20 percent to 30 percent declines in visitor-related business, have become reality.

Visiting Boston about to become more expensive

It’s increasingly expensive to be a tourist in Boston.

Easiest way to ruin tourism industry? Tax it.

Tourism taxes have become an increasingly trendy pick for elected officials hoping to raise additional revenue to cover increases in government spending.

Sticking it to the tourists is a practice that will backfire

Who are the richest people in town? Here's a hint: Every dime they have is disposable income.