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Arizona: A blast of shiny, happy, sunshine-colored PR could help

Everyone in Arizona can agree on this: Right now, the state could use a blast of shiny, happy, sunshine-colored PR.

Police task force takes on Baja’s troubled tourist image

TIJUANA, Mexico — A police task force created to restore tourists' trust has started work in Tijuana and other Mexican border cities plagued by drug-fueled violence.

Pakistan appoints task force on medical tourism

Medical tourism is seen as a key element of Pakistan’s new National Tourism Policy 2010, so a new task force has been formed to work out proposals to promote and develop medical, health, spiritual a

Need for US-EU task force on global emergency travel communications

The outbreak of the H1N1 virus this year, brought to light how poor information sharing is between governments and led to uneven decisions on travel and trade advisories and bans.

Task force for protection of foreign women tourists

JAIPUR - Against the backdrop of the alleged molestation and rape of foreign women tourists, the Rajasthan government has set up a task force to provide them protection, probe all the cases and prevent recurrence of such incidents.